Things That Make Me Go UGH

I’m at the bus stop, at those little ‘hut’ shops that are generally on street corners. They’re basically your average convenience store, only condensed into a 3 by 3 meter shop with a small window up front. I’m talking to the guy, explaining the kind of gum I want (“extra!” “Najam *say what*?” “ex…trah” “Ahhh, aywa *sounds of enlightenment*!! Eeekstrah!”) when this man shoves up sideways in front of me, angling his body away, and says:

One *pause* Winston. *exaggerated enunciation*
Say what now?
S&S: *taps his shoulder* Excuse me? Hi! I really couldn’t help but notice your behavior so I’d like to familiarize you with a common concept in the tertiary industry. It’s called waiting *pause* in *pause* line *exaggerated enunciation with condescending smile*
Winston Man: Well, it’s not like your lot follows it *sneer*
S&S: *practically spitting with rage* Oh, as opposed to your lot**, who’re, apparently, only able to follow their apparently thin veneers of modernity and order when there’s a stick being held over their heads?! *smiles – evilly – grabs gum and, realizing she’s there for the bus, waits uncomfortably*
Winston Man: *glares back, finishes up and stalks a few paces off. To wait for the same bus*

In case you’re wondering, the wait was unbearably uncomfortable. He was glaring… I was glaring… our small audience was staring…. I tried to act nonchalant, something I’m not very good at. I was so mad, I dropped a gum piece while I was unwrapping the pack to snickers from Winston Man and our audience. 

Reminds me of another similar situation. We were being pushed inexorably by a mob walking, when a man a few heads down practically yells “Would you look at this?! Like sheep!” *underlying smugness* And proceeds to lift his camera above the crowd to take a picture of the ‘sheep.’ 

I would have happily laid my verbal smackdown, but the mob had other ideas. I lost him in the crowd.

*muttering* Stupid ethnocentric snobs…. 

Disclaimer: these two represent a minority type. Most tourists, especially men, are enthusiastic, amazingly polite, and funny to boot. I say mainly men because women tend to be a little rude. Especially with Syrian men. But harassment, fob-calls, leers, and outright gawking being what they are, I don’t blame them. I’m a little rude. It’s called adaption. 

*Not a sound of disagreement, cause I know it’s true. But insulting privileges are reserved for Syrians and people who say it with some shred of affection in their voices. Definitely not while sneering. Hence, this is a sound of disbelief.

**I’d like clarify that ‘your lot’ bit. I did not mean your lot as in British people (he was British, btw) but rather your lot as in rude people.



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2 responses to “Things That Make Me Go UGH

  1. UGH indeed! People here think its fine to cut in line, actually they don’t believe in lines. We were taught from KG to form a single file and this is too difficult a concept for most Arabs to grasp, apparently.

  2. Too true.
    But this guy wasn’t an Arab.
    He was a Brit. Not a Syrian-Brit, but Brit-Brit. Jumping lines.
    And using the fact that we (Arabs) don’t form lines as an excuse for his behavior! That’s like me littering and then saying, well everyone else does it!
    What the hell kind of logic is that? Last I heard, everyone’s responsible for their own actions.

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