About Time – Ze Butterfly Award

Second – Ze Butterfly Award

“I’m choosing three blogs to pass it on to and asking that they tell us why they started blogging and then pass the love on to three of their favorite blogs.”

This is the second time I’ve been nominated for the butterfly award. My acceptance speech and nominations have been sitting in my draft folder for quite some time. So this is finally coming out of the closet:

The formidable and awe-inspiring ATW nominated me a while back, and I have to say I felt about this big *demonstrates itty bitty space with fingers* compared to the other blogs she nominated, the majority of which dealt with Issues of Great Importance. I, on the other hand, deal with issues of little importance, namely my life. Which while is obviously crucial to me, isn’t really so important in the big picture, you know? Thank you ATW =) May Allah grant you strength and perseverance.

The lovely and humorous Mona nominated me again. And I felt substantially better about myself because she’s so cool and has this amazing blog that deals with just about anything you can think of. She’s going on what? four years? (mashAllah) So maybe she sees potential in me? Or I’m deluding myself. Either way thanks Mona =) May Allah give you strength as well, and bless your wonderful children!

Me, I started blogging because I moved to Syria and I’m at an online university *read: I have no life.* So I spent a year re-re-re-re-rereading the books I bought over from Canada with me. By the 24th read, I went in search of something different, and stumbled across Unique Muslimah’s blog, aka The Light at the End of the Tunnel. And so I discovered blogging and fell in love. Or at least obsession.

So I’d like to nominate: (but I choose 10. Asking me to choose 3 would be like asking me to choose between coffee and chocolate. Not happening)

Miss Specs
Hidden Souls
Umm Travis
The Muslimah Media Watch

You guys are all amazing and I ❤ your blogs and personalities!! There are more (there always is) but I figured any number higher than 10’d be pushing my luck. Btw, ATW and Mona are obviously there too, only I linked them above, which let me stay in my self-imposed 10 blog limit *evil laugh*

So feel the love!! And nominate-away!



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16 responses to “About Time – Ze Butterfly Award

  1. Salams! Thanks so much for the award nomination, but thanks especially for your support!!

  2. sabiwabi

    That is sweet of you, thanks!

    I am going to have a hard time picking 3, I might have to lengthen my list as well. BTW, I simply love the header on your blog. So jealous!

  3. you are the sweetest 🙂
    Thank you so much…I can’t wait to write my own entry about this 😛
    Thank you!!

  4. Thanks for the award..I had no idea I was cooL! 🙂

    You made my day, seestah!

  5. You’re all welcome!!
    Glad ya’ll felt the luuuuvee 😉
    But be sure to spread! No doubt we’re all in need of reason to smile these days…

  6. Thanks for the award, so sweet of you, now you made me all happy and smiley! 😀

    I feel strange when I’m away from blogging, I haven’t updated in 5 days and I’m feeling the need to but this is such a busy week. Now that you’ve provided a list of others I have some exploring to do!

  7. fourthreichisrael

    Congratulations on your butterfly awards, souvenirsandscars!
    Love the title of your blog; something we all have in common – souvenirs and scars!
    Let’s pray one day we will have peace on earth and all have that in common. Enough with the scars, in fact, too many. The world and all the creatures who dwell on her are waiting, praying and hoping for peace. Even the ones’ who are full of hate, like zionists, though they know it not, even they long for peace; their hearts have become so hardened and corrupt, they are not aware of the tender call of peace. So, it is important to love all: Hate what they do and/or say, however, love them. People sometimes change, that is why we hate what someone does or says, never the person. There is hope for all. Of course, when dealing with haters, get out of their way; we must protect ourselves; we can pray for all, that does not mean we must associate with those who would do us harm.

    Our World

    Every morning on every news flash,
    I hear the sorrow of the world
    It seems like everybody’s lost and scared
    trying to make sense of it all
    And as I travel to and from,
    so many faces pass me by
    I see lonely hearts living lonely lives
    just biding their time,

    And while we call ourselves civilized,
    many people living empty lives,
    As they drone their way through day and night

    I pray for our world,
    I pray for every child
    I pray for our world to be filled with smiles
    Like the colors of a rainbow
    and not just black and white
    I pray for our world to be filled with light,
    I pray for all of us, to choose the path that’s right
    To believe in Allah, every day of our lives

    In the evening on the TV news,
    I see images of war,
    I see brother killing brother with no consequence at all,
    And while those who claim to be leaders,
    sell us tales of deceit
    But Allah alone know in their hearts
    what they reveal and conceal,

    And while we call ourselves civilized,
    we go on killing human lives
    too caught up in our own web of lies

    Every mother, every father,
    every daughter, every son, don’t you see,
    that the answer lies only with the One.

    by Zain Bhikha

  8. That was beautiful, Fourthreich!! Thank you very much for sharing =)
    And I couldn’t agree with you more. Enough scars already! We need a chance to heal. And by we I don’t mean muslims. I mean humanity.So I truly believe ever word you said about Zionists. I do NOT take stereotypes lightly. I will never believe that an entire race, any race, and all the people within it, could be summed up under one label.
    Here’s to a brighter future, full of souvenirs!
    Ps. You must be quite the rebel!! Your blog is blocked in Syria… 😉

  9. fourthreichisrael

    Interesting… my site is blocked in Syria.
    It is all I can do to keep it running as it is!
    The zionists are continually harassing WordPress to suspend my blog. WordPress is very fair, however, they discuss the complaints with me and I keep saying it is a matter of: Freedom of Speech.
    So, WordPress lets me stay. They are good, fair-minded folks.

    There is a way to see blocked sites and that is by using:
    Simply type in the site you wish to go to and it usualy bypasses firewalls that blocked sites; people used it in China during the Olympics.
    Let me know if that works in Syria.

    Yes, heres’s to a brighter future full of peace, justice, love and souvenirs!

  10. Thanks, I do have a program, U92 proxy, though. I find it’s easier and it has less adds than sites like faceblocked and unblockmycrap, although I’ve never heard of anonynmouse…
    I sorta figured it was something like that from your name, lol. BUT, weird that it would be Syria that’d block you, eh?
    About the complaints, they’re so off! Judging from your previous comment you sound more open minded and respectful regarding Palestine and Israel than the majority of people. On both sides. Odd, that they’d be lobbying to shut you down…
    Now I really have to see your posts for myself!

  11. Thank you, Scars and Souvenirs! 🙂 I wish you the happiest of Eids in Damascus! I was there last year for the Eid al Kebir . . . .

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  13. Thank you Intlxpatr!! I’m trying to make this one last, because it may be my last Eid in Damascus. You never know what life throws at you, and I hate looking back and saying ‘if only…’

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