About Time – Apologies

Okay. MamaMona’s recent post finally pushed me to do it. These two posts have long been coming. 

First Post – Apologies

I’d like to apologize to all the blogspot blogs I read. Why? Because here in Syria blogspot is blogblocked. I have found an ingenious way to bypass the block (for which I take no credit) but, for some odd reason commenting works sporadically.
So I read your posts. I just can’t comment =(

The blogspot blogs I blurk (among many others)
Umm Travis 
Mushu Tha Lohari

I bet some of you don’t even know I’m there, blurking in the blocked background!! And while that would be fun if I were the blurking type, I’m not. So this is my chance, if you follow your incoming links (if that works for blogspot?), to let you know that I would be commenting if I could =)


I can’t believe I forgot.. I guess going with the blogspot theme I forgot to mention Shawna, whose blog I shamelessly stalk. Even though it isn’t blogspot, it also comes up as ‘failed to open page’ and even with a proxy changer, I can only read no comments!! *grrr* Anyways, you rule Shawna. Know that I am there… blurking in the background =)

Ugh. I can’t wait to move!!!



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7 responses to “About Time – Apologies

  1. Aw, I knew you had probs with the comments but glad you’re reading. Which post made you write this one?

  2. yaaaaay!

    but y is blogspot blocked and not wordpress? these countries are just beeeeezarro if u ask me. so many sites blocked and 4 what? subhanAllah!

  3. Mona – Basically all your posts, lol. For a while I’d always try, and it would sometimes work. But lately it’s been not working more and more.. and it’s sooo frustrating! =( The latest was that I wanted to thank you for the award, and I just got so fed up that I couldn’t even thank you! UGH! But here’s a quickie: I have that same Sunsilk shampoo! I love it – smells great and my hair is so shiny and silky. Yum. But blonde highlights on a 2 yr old? I dunno if it’s just me, but I can’t stand them. Especially when you go to weddings, and you have five year olds with a full face of makeup, scanty clothing, and highlights *sob.* Escada Incredible Me is AMAZINNG!! I’m buying it for me when I get my exams marks back… if they’re good *inshAllah* I’ve dropped obvious hints around my parents.. just in case. But it’s mine either way. That woman you posted about, leaving her kids like that = NUTS!!! I have a post coming up about something similar to that. grrr. i want oatmeal chocolate chip bars =( I love your Raising Our Boys Post. I’m thinking of translating it and handing it out of a few certain someones… grrr.

    Umm Travis – I know!!! And it’s not just blogspot. It’s youtube, and facebook, and amazon (AMAZON!!!). Seriously beats me.
    Here’s a quick recap for you: If you ever do privatize, I’d love a linker and a password! I promise to be nice =P Your ‘humble’ photography is amazing, mashAllah. I love, love, LOVE the 2nd and 3rd pictures (mosque over city and city fading into bg) Yay you for taking Arabic lessons!! I feel so guilty =( I’ve been here for two years and my Arabic is still as atrocious as ever. Every time I think about registering exams come up, or research, or life happens. So good luck inshAllah! And mashAllah 3ala your intentions =D Your most recent post (men, women, mars, and venus) is very thought-provoking. InshAllah one of my courses next semester will be on Gender Differences in Psychology (or something).. I’ll have to check that book out for sure!!

    Yeah, so there’s more. But that’s all I can think of off the top of my head =D

  4. Thank you for including my humble blog in there as well. Of course I’d love to see (erm…read?) your comments, but knowing that you are reading my silly writings makes me already very happy. So ya, blurk away ;]

  5. I liked your today post!! I hope your head feels better… gooseeggs suck =(
    And I like the tag idea. Should be fun… when I finish my exams. ughh.

  6. Uh oh, don’t remind me. I accidentally saw my reflection in the mirror and almost swooned and thus earned myself a new bump to accompany the other one (Space? No problem, there’s plenty!). Because yes, it’s that horrid.

    And I must admit that my family is not making me feel any better with their A-HAHAHA’s. Just why do I love them so much is beyond me 😀

    But yeah, thankies. And good luck with your exams, dear. Be el tawfiq, insha Allah! (:

  7. HA, Thanks for the mega comment here anyway! Great that the Shampoo is good, Yea the 2 year old doesnt have higlights put in her hair, but natural ones, but still. All my kids still use baby shampoo! Yes Escada is my new “only spray when neccessary” perfume as not to finish it!

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