Creativity II – The RAT

Going with the last post on creativity…
I came across this while I was reviewing today. I had a great time doing it, so I decided to spread the joy =).
Yeah, I’m a geek like that. 

This is the Remote Associates Test (RAT) used to measure creativity. You’re given sets of three words and you’re required to make associations between each set of three words to come up with a fourth word that is related to all three words.
For example, one set is ‘rough, resistance, beer.’ They have the word ‘draft’ in common. So that would be rough draft, draft resistance, and draft beer. Cool, eh?
The sets are:

  1. charming, student, valiant
  2. food, catcher, hot
  3. hearted, feet, bitter
  4. dark, shot, sun
  5. canadian, golf, sandwich
  6. tug, gravy, show
  7. attorney, self, spending
  8. magic, pitch, power
  9. arm, coal, peach
  10. type, ghost, story

So, following the example, you’re supposed to find a fourth word that is associated with the three in each set.
I’ll post the answers in a few days. Enjoy!! And let me know what you come up with. I’d love to see =)


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