If Life Gives You…




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4 responses to “If Life Gives You…

  1. hahahahaha… this picture is great… hahaha too FUNNY!

  2. LOL – I laughed so hard on this one!

  3. sabiwabi

    Did you get this from an email? I got a series of these types of inspirational pics from a friend of mine and this one is tame compared to many of the others.

  4. Sugerdaddy & Nadia – lol. hilarious, eh? The guy looks so pleased with himself!

    Sabiwabi – No, I didn’t. My brother showed me it. After you said tame though, I was like whaaa..?? So I googled away and now fully understand why you used the word ‘tame’ lol.
    But I will admit that the green eggs and ham one made me laugh like crazy. Too funny!!

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