Burble Bebzi Makes Me Hyber

MiniMe: Lek oh my GOD, S&S!!! It’s not hyper it’s hyBERRR!!!!

That’s right. A ‘b‘ complete with an elongated syrian ‘r‘ rrrrolll. And he pronounced the first hyper in a perfect accent.

Why Minime? Why?!

Tell me that isn’t cause for concern….



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3 responses to “Burble Bebzi Makes Me Hyber

  1. Wait was he kidding? My kids know that th does not make the zzz sound but sometimes they just say how the teacher says.

  2. LOL. I used to have an Arab friend when I was very young…I used to love her so much that I copied the whole ‘bebsi’ and ‘bencil’ accent till I was actually talking in that. The teachers said that they’d put me next to her in hopes that’s she’d start pronouncing ‘p’..instead, *I* had started to pronounce ‘b’, LOL.

    Hope you don’t say Hi Miss Sbecs to me someday..its so much fun to speak that way, 🙂

    I’d second mamamona; I think the kid was joking.

  3. He was so not joking!! I know when he is, cause he’ll say x-books (that would be xbox) or combutarrr in that accent and then start laughing, lol.
    This was the real deal… he defended it!!

    ‘sbecs’ – LOOOOOL!!!! That is HILARIOUS! Your boor teacharz and bronunciation… suffering because of ze Arabz!

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