Your Pain or Mine?

I’ll leave you presently;
my footsteps will tread sturdy
my voice will remain steady
my eyes will be completely empty.
And I’ll walk, head held loftily
not a tear to betray me
till emptiness surrounds me
and no one can witness my agony.

And I will exist silently,
while the pain courses through me
the sobs rack my body
the river of tears flows freely
the pain drowns me.
And my lungs will rupture devastatingly
and my heart will stop mercifully
and your pain will leave me – finally.

And I wish sincerely,
that you could be beside me
to hold me closely
to soothe me endlessly
to mend me wholly.
But because I love you unconditionally
I realize it’s my turn currently
my turn to shoulder the agony.

That is love.



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4 responses to “Your Pain or Mine?

  1. Sadia

    Hi! Found you blog through some other, can’t remember exactly… And loved your todays post! It touched my heart! Is it written by you? Thx for sharing this with all of us! Really enjoyed reading it:)

  2. Sadia – Yes, I wrote it *blush* that means so much to me, that it would actually touch you! Thank you!

    HiddenSouls – Awww thanks! Beautiful? That’s such a strong word *blush*

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