On Anthems, Christmas Remixes, and Homesickness

Two days ago we sang the Canadian national anthem to MiniMe, age 8, because it’s in his curriculum and the poor kid’s never heard it sung that he can remember. I cried. Not a full blown crying fit, but my eyes teared up. 

Horseman noticed and said “Shut up! Remember when we’d be like ‘OHHH SOUURIA!!! Our home and native land??” which, besides me grabbing the neck of shirt and attempting to strangle the life out of him for ruining such a patriotic moment, reminded us that, zomg!! it was that Christmas time of the year, again! The wonderful month when the entire school would skip first period in elementary in favor or going to the gym for some serious christmas caroling.

Then Will, Horseman, and I broke out into Chirstmas carols. Not the real deal, the wicked variations like:

Dashing through the snow,
on a pair of broken skies,
over the hills we go…
crashing into trees!
The snow is turning red!
I think I’m almost dead!
I woke up in the hospital with stitches in my head!
OOHHHHHHhhhhhh!!! *deep breath*
Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg, batmobile lost its wheel and joker got away, hey!
911, 911, Santa’s almost dead! Rudolph bought a four by four and shot him in the head! Ohhh
Barbie girl, Barbie girl, tried to save his life! But G.I Joe from Mexico stabbed her with a knifeeeeeeeee!!!!


Deck the halls with poison ivy
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Tis the season to be naughty
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Break a window, pop a tire
Fa la la, la la la, la la la
Set the teacher’s hair on fire
Fa la la la la, la la LAA LAHHH!!! 

*applause* *bow* Thank you! Thank you very much!!

And we started with the “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, had a bright and shiny nose *like a lightbulb*” one but got into an argument over whether he went down in history like monopoly or like George Washington. I was backing Georgie… but I guess we’ll never know!!

Oh God, I miss home!!!



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10 responses to “On Anthems, Christmas Remixes, and Homesickness

  1. WOW…I almost laughed out loud in class 😀
    *trying to pretend like I’m typing notes*

  2. Maria

    Hahahahahha. Thanks for the laugh W, I needed it! I LOVE these versions! They should replace the originals lol. Imagine that.

  3. Ha! I loved those.. We said like Monopoly….after “play in any reindeer games”…

  4. Haha, those are so funny, and so .. umm .. violent 😀

  5. Hahahaha, omg, these ROCK. I was laughing my head off at them.

    Must be a total blast to sing them together! *big grin*

  6. You should be lucky you’re not in the U.S. Here, you would have been accused of aiding terrorists! :p Imagine the headlines:

    Muslim woman suspected of ties to Syrian Al Qaeda, wants Santa dead!


    Terror Alert: suspected terrorists, with ties to Iran threaten to shoot down Santa’s sleigh

    Oy Vey! :p

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.. but I really laughed and enjoyed this post. I wish my eyes would also tear-up upon hearing my country’s national anthem: strange though that sometimes, I feel as if I don’t belong to any!


  7. Hiddensouls – LOL. Opps, my bad =P

    Maria – YAY! You’re back! It was my pleasure =) And I agree! They should definitely replace the originals.. much funner to sing to!

    Mona – aHA!! I knew it!! I rule… they play games like monopoly and go down in history like George Washington!! Thanks.. that felt soooo good. *runs to gloat in brothers face*

    Nadia – lool. Yeah, we’re a pretty violent crowd =P

    Specs – More than you can imagine!! Seriously? Christmas rocked in Canada.. it’s sorta sad that Eid was never as great in the Muslim community..

    ATW – LOOOL!! You really, really need a break from the newsworld 😉
    But ughh, I know what you mean!! Sometimes I feel like we’re culturally homeless.. very modern of us, I guess, what with the the EU and everything. But it still sucks.

  8. you know…as we buy our groceries these days, all we hear are those christmas songs…and sadly, after a while, i have noticed myself humming once or twice!!….so i was thinking…next time i go shopping…ill be saying these words instead 🙂

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