Letter to My Brothers


Dear Will, Smeez, Horseman, and MiniMe,
[aka. my four brothers]

This one is for you. I understand you are men and as such are incapable of breathing, eating, or even just existing silently. That includes you, MiniMe, ’cause even though you may be eight now, you’re already well on your way to driving me slowly but surely insane with your breathing habits. I love you all very much, and will put up with this because, for reasons known only to God, He so ordained it that you four be my brothers. For better or for worse only without a choice. But the day will come when someone is going to snap, flip out, and maybe even go on some sort of killing rampage because of your breathing, eating, and existing so noisily. So I’m doing my sisterly duty and letting you know now, in hopes of saving you future embarrassment as well as (possibly) saving a heck of a lot of innocent lives.

With all my love and a sincere hope that this’ll finally get my point across,

Your one&only sister,




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11 responses to “Letter to My Brothers

  1. I’ve been seriously contemplating writing my dad and brother a letter. Not about breathing, though (because everyone know by now about how serious I am about my personal bubble, and know better than to come too close), but about their eating habits.


    A letter written in a polite tone, such as the one used here, hm?
    Would it… could it possibly work?

    Good luck in getting your point across. I know you will need it 😀

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for you comment and adding me on your blog roll.
    Errr, thanks again, but I view 14+ years in Syria as a blessing, not an acomplishment.

    Yeah, I know dummar (I used to live in Damascus), but I moved to Aleppo.

    -Smiling in Syria

  3. Horseman - lmao

    Yes, i completely agree.
    My lovely sister, I need help with math now =D

  4. Mushu – there once was a time when I would get into a heated argument with one or another of them at every single meal. With the exception of one, they scrape, slurp, bang, clatter, *insert practically any other onomatopoeic sound* and sound for all the world like they’re locked in some life-or-death battle with a large animal. “Me Man. Me bring meal to knees.”
    Apologies to any other guys who may be reading this and do eat nice and proper. My brothers skipped out on the evolution period of history, so they still believe a meal needs to be properly subdued and decapitated before it’s edible.
    I still love them to death though.
    So good luck with it! I have high hopes for this cartoon/letter. People think I kid about my personal space. I don’t.
    Maybe you should give the letter a try!
    Best of luck and thanks for the wishes! We do need them!

    Smiling in Syria – MashAllah! That’s an amazing attitude. I’ve yet to reach that outlook on life in Syria, but I will say it’s much better today than it was when I first got here!!
    Keep the optimism flowing 😉

  5. Thanks horseman!!!
    See? That didn’t hurt much did it?

    One down… three to go!

  6. Nice blog. I am came via Outlines. Keep it up!

  7. smilesyria

    it’s not optimism – Syria is great 🙂 it’s different from Canada, I’ll give you that, but it’s great. you can’t compare the two (not saying you are but).

  8. LOL…my brother is just starting to grow up and I’m starting to feel that!
    Sometimes, I feel their aim is to annoy 🙂
    I personally hate my siblings’ bad table manners…especially not closing the mouth!!..
    Many times I’ve gotten up to sit elsewhere…GRR!
    I guess there comes a point when they grow?

  9. p.s. I’m happy you’re updating your blog again 😀

  10. Mona – true that. As a friend recently told me… Men. Can’t live with ’em.. Can’t shoot ’em (he claims it’s women.. but we all no better than that!)

    Abu Sinan – Hello! Yeah, I’ve seen (and enjoyed reading) your comments on Safiya’s blog. Thank you and you too!!

    SmileSyria – Well, whatever it is, keep it going 😉

    Hiddensouls – Unfortunately, they do. But I hear from others, who have miraculously survived to tell the tale, that this ‘phase’ wears off at around mid thirties. Hopefully we’ll live long enough to enjoy a decent meal with them before one of us calls it quits!
    And thanks!! =D

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