No, Thanks with a Smile

Note to self: When guys ask to ‘it3araf’ (get to know each other) do not say no, thank you with a smile. 
I say I won’t say it every time.
And every single, goddamned time I end up saying: No. No thanks. Sorry. *smile kindly*

Like WTF? I can be such an idiot.

Repeat: Not in Canada I am. In Syria. Syria. Syria. SINK IN ALREADY!!

*smacks forehead*



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5 responses to “No, Thanks with a Smile

  1. GAH! I know what you mean, In the US people smile politely all day long, here it’s like an invitation for harassment.

  2. =(
    It’s hard breaking lifelong habits, especially when they’re so ingrained in your nature. I mean who’d thunk being polite would one day be a BAD habit?
    But what can you do? Like you said, it’s either hostile frowns or harassment.

  3. Salaam Alaikum,

    Yesss. Personal boundaries are a bit different. So if you look at a guy too much/ too directly can be taken as “I want to have sex with you now”. I had to watch myself too.

  4. You know, I face similar things here sometimes with people who just came from anywhere “back home-ish”…
    Just happened yesterday actually…ugh..

    I’ve forgotten some of the things of back home…I need a refreshment 🙂

  5. Safiya – no doubt!

    hiddensouls – Aww! Looks like there’s no escape from them! Hey, there should be a course eh? Like: Going Back to the Mother Land 101 – a crash course in conduct! Hmm.. maybe I’ll start one up when I get back 😉

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