Conspiracy Theory I

As luck would have it, schools let out while we were on our way home. Image: the entire four-lane, two way street crowded with teenagers milling about, taking their sweet time walking home. Boys on one side, girls on the other – and a daring few walking down the divider in the middle. *gasp* How rebellious! Seriously. Have you ever seen a peacock strut? Yeah that bad. 

So this is the latest conspiracy theory I got an earful of: 
[BCT – Brilliant Conspiracy Theorist] 

BCT – shooting glares while hunched maliciously over the steering wheel “Will you look at this!? Unbelievable! Since way back when I was in school, girls schools have been right next to the boys schools! And now look what we’re facing.”
S&S – “And what would that be?”
BCT – “Facaade (immorality)! It’s to promote facaade of course! And it’s working! Look at these manazer (sights)” muttering “At least have a 10 minute break in between bells!” muttering continues
S&S – “I highly doubt that. Maybe it’s just convenience. Don’t a lot of teachers teach at both schools? And, besides, a ten minute break wouldn’t stop this (gesturing at the scene). They’ll just wait around.”
BCT – “Only the ones that want to will wait. Look at those girls! They look harassed, ya haram!” 
said girls’ eyelashes were batting at an alarming rate, with come-hither glances and giggles occasionally shot across the road “And they wouldn’t teach at both if the schools had been further apart! Facaade I tell you. They’re working from the inside.”
S&S –
clearly smirking “They? Sounds ominous…” 
picking up on the sarcasm, switches glare to me “Believe what you will.”

I looked again at the teenagers still milling about. Was he right? Well, I will tell you that the testosterone in the air was palpable to the point where a deep breath would have likely given me testosterone poisoning. Done purposefully to promote immorality? Not too sure, but the growing evidence of just that is enough so that I won’t go as far as to rule it out as a possibility. The ideal Islamic society? Hardly.

One day I may just write a post about the infamous Sahat Al-Mata3em (the restaurant square). I swear these kids make me feel like a prude!


What do you think? Conspiracy or convenience? Any observations regarding this?



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3 responses to “Conspiracy Theory I

  1. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy,just the way it is. You’re a really good writer, mashaAllah.

  2. Very well written indeed!

  3. Thank you both!!

    Mamamona – so you don’t think it’s all planned out?
    I dunno, like I said I’m not too sure what I think.
    but we had this class presentation once though, were we played a word association game. Like he’d say a word and you have to say the first word that comes to mind. So he’d say Social… we said studies. And so on and so forth. Once he said conspiracy, the majority of peoples’ brains provide them with the answer ‘theory,’ something he claimed to be a conspiracy in and of its self!
    And I know Arabs are big on conspiracies, but could there be any truth to it?

    I dunno. Anyone have any opinions?

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