Re: All the Emails I’ve been Getting

I’ve been receiving concerned emails (which reminds me, since half the people that read my blog know ‘the real’ me… should I just come out of the closet of anonymity already? Hmmm…) which prompted me to right this. 

Yes. I know my poems are extremely depressing and emo-ish and people reading them are left with the disquieting feeling that I’m holding a razor poised above my wrists. Not happening. I am going through some really, really hard times, but because I’m generally a ‘laugh and it will all go away’ person I don’t like to dwell on that. My poems are my outlet. And this may sound weird to some, and it may sound exactly right to others, but I transfer, for lack of a better word, all my energy into my poetry. It’s how I get it out of my system. I do too have happy poems, but circumstances, and hence my energy, have been dictating all my poems. Stay tuned though. They’re bound to get better 😛

I find it all goes back to your faith. SubhanAllah, no matter the circumstances there are people that can smile the next day. That’s because of faith. That this is for the better, alhamdulillah. That, since our knowledge is comparable to what a bird can hold in its beak from the ocean, which is Allah’s knowledge, we should be content in placing our lives and our futures in His hands. Remember we know the present, and we fail to understand the past. Allah not only knows the present, and understands the past, He sees the future. That is why His name is Al-Wakeel =). Alhamdulilah, I like to believe I have that faith and sakeenah. Otherwise I would have lost my mind a looong time ago. So thank you, ya Wakeel! 

And a little off topic but, they turned on our heaters!!! The part I live in in Syria is hooked up to a network of houses, and we have our kind and caring ‘heater people’ who turn them on for us come winter.

It’s November 10th. A little late guys… but still better than those horrific soob-yahs. *shudders at the thought*



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8 responses to “Re: All the Emails I’ve been Getting

  1. I enjoy your poems and it’s an expression, a release, but I can understand why people were concerned. What’s a soobyah?

  2. Dimaaa

    ily wk, and i def know wat u mean. seriously i am glad that you are here, i mean that im not alone. 🙂
    expect a call from me tomorrow…or today w/e.

  3. mamamona – thank you =)
    A soobyah is.. well. Hmm. You know the hot water geyser in the bathrooms? It’s similar to it, and it runs on diesel. It burns the diesel and the smoke leaves through pipes that come out of it. Nasty thing that tends to let out puffs of black smoke if air goes down the pipe the wrong way. I don’t know about their usage in Egypt, but a lot of homes in Syria still run on them. I HATE them.

    Dima – Thnx babe!! I’m glad you’re here too ❤
    you and your wii both =P

  4. It is faith, most definitely, how else can we wake up the following morning with a smile on our face 🙂 MashaAllah, you seem like a strong woman. May Allah make it easier for you, Ameen.

  5. I agree with all said above. As far as a laugh and it’ll go away approach is concerned, I do it a lot too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but I find it the best way to deal with stuff.

    Al Wakeel, He is, indeed. AlHamdulillah.

  6. OK, my two cents.. and I don’t agree.. why? because one writes and not “right!”

    I know you are quick to catch on… but for those who may be clueless, re-read the first paragraph! 🙂

    More power to you S&S… Allah ye7miki


  7. Nadia – Thank you! I pray that I can be one, inshAllah. May Allah give us strength. Ameen.

    Specs – Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine — Lord Byron 😉
    Ameen sister. Alhamdulillah.

    ATW – LOL. Nothing ever gets by you does it??!
    But thank you. You as well, inshAllah 🙂

  8. Salaam Alaikum,

    Insha Allah, I hope everything gets better for you soon.

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. You’ve given me plenty of food for thought and I’ll reply soon, insha Allah.

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