The End

Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. 

Watch your world crumble,
the people you love suffer.
Pain beyond feeling.
beyond sense.
beyond these fragile words.

Witness the destruction,
as time grinds to a halt…
A brief pause as the world holds its breath.
A tribute to the suffering. 

Feel the facade of optimism shattering
the shards cutting into your scarred soul.
Don’t tell me I’m strong
Don’t tell me this’ll be over.
Because the here and now is too much

Don’t move.
Eternity poised on a delicate fulcrum.
Hold steady despite:
the anger coursing through your blood.
the pain ripping your heart.
the tears burning your eyes
the tremors shaking your soul. 
Don’t break.
Not now…   

And wait, breathlessly.
This too shall pass.  

Because ya Raab, I think I’ve broken.



Filed under Poetry, Rant

5 responses to “The End

  1. May Allah give you strenght to overcome your burdens, sister.

  2. Thank you =)
    And Ameen for all of us, inshAllah

  3. I absolutely love your poems. I especially love how you have a title for each section… amazing.. now let me be as I too, feel am breaking!


  4. May God give us all strength, ATW. These are rough times…
    And thank you =)

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