Pomegranate <3

It’s that wonderful time of year….

pomegranate time that is. 

In the spring and summer we have to make do with pomegranate molasses, which we mix in with our salads and taboulehs, and drizzle onto our homos and tesieyeh (a dish I’ll have to do another post on).

Come September though, and the souks overflow with fresh pomegranates. Tangy? Sweet? Juicy? Mouthwateringly sour? I can’t possibly put to words the taste of pomegranates, but I can say if you’ve yet to try one, you’re missing out. Big time.

When buying in Syria though, there’s one thing to keep in mind. They come in 3 ‘types.’ Sweet (which will more often than not not be), sour (for the very daring.. yum), and lafaan (the in-between). And asking to taste from the blood-red pomegranates he’ll have displayed artistically isn’t going to get you anywhere… they’ll all taste amazingly sweet. The ones you end up buying though are a whole other story.

As they say in arabic, it’s like opening a watermelon, you never know what you’ll get!!!



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12 responses to “Pomegranate <3

  1. Yummy. I love pomegrante. I was just thinking these days, is there ANYTHING good about Egypt?? They have here “fruit stands” that sell pomegrante, and they take it out of the peelings, and you can eat a whole glass of it, for like 2 pounds! And orange season is coming too. YUM. Fruit is Egypt rocks!

  2. Ameen!! We squeeze our own orange juice in Syria.. something you couldn’t dream of doing in Canada!
    And I LOVE the fruit peddlers..
    I dunno if you guys had toot? It’s sweet and tangy and they sell toot snow cones… AMAZING!!
    I think I’m going to go eat another pomegranate! LOL.

  3. Late last night, I opened the fridge for some cold water and I found a lonely pomegrante on one of the shelves…
    And I thought of you 😛

  4. mamamona

    UmmTravis I did’nt know people can peel them for you!? I just spent like an hour yesterday doing 8 of them. It’s a mess and so tedious but they are sooooo good! I want toot snowcones! Toot is raspberries right?

  5. This is my favorite fruit.. but you know? Here, in southern California, whenever some research comes out explaining the benefits of this fruit and the anti-oxidants it contains, the price triples! Imagine paying $3.00 a pound! And the ones I saw were no less than 2 lbs each. But I love them to death.. so now, it’s almost a luxury to buy two Pomegranates! Two, because I love a full bowl of this lovely fruit while I watch my favorite show.. and I don’t like to share!


  6. hiddensouls – :D. You musta been all “OMG! She’s on my page, she’s in my head! WHAT NEXT!!”
    Well I’m gonna save you the suspense and tell you what next: I may be moving to Toronto!! In a year.. but still. LOL!!

    mamamona – it is… it’s also mega-delicious!!! YUM!!

    ATW – I KNOW!! OMG, they were soooo expensive in Canada too and we had them imported!! But here they’re great.. 2 for a dollar (around).
    And LOL!! Didn’t Barney teach you anything as a kid?? Caring is Sharing!!
    tsk tsk!

  7. OH MY GOD!
    You’re moving to toronto??
    That’s four hours from where I live…I live in Windsor…yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know where it is…

    I will so drive up to meet you!!! 😀

  8. wow…this is crazy..
    Now I wonder, how on earth did I stumble on to your blog?????

  9. before i got married my dad would clean them and pu them in a bowl and give them to me coz i would inevitably ruin my clothes with pomogrante juice. i miss my daddy! i’m going to take some pomogranate over the next time i go and make him clean it for me!!

  10. hiddensouls – actually I’ll have you know I do know where Windsor is… sort of. Close to London right? I dunno for sure about the move.. I’m going to be appplying to a bunch of unis among which are Western Ontario and U of T so you never know!!
    Coincidence? Hmmm…

    Meow – awwww! LOL Great way to show your daddy you miss him! Be all “no pomegranate has ever tasted the same since you daddy!” *bat eyelashes lovingly*
    Jp! I don’t know what I’d ever do without my daddy!! 😦

  11. Yes it is very close to london, two hours driving, I have family in London!!!
    May Allah help you pick whatever is best for you inshaAllah!!

  12. sabiwabi

    Pomegranates are my favorite kind of fruit, hands down.

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