Inherited Urns

My mom comes home the other day with these: two huge, old urns, that now stand proudly in her master bath till we figure out what to do with them. They stand at about three feet off the ground, looking for all the world like two squat, misshaped gnomes that are completely out of place in our apartment. I think they belonged to like, my dad’s grandma or something, so we’ve now inherited two priceless gnome-like urns. 

(my mom and dad walk in with the Urns)
S&S: Uhhh.. and those would be….?
Mum: Urns. (big smile) From your grandma’s house.
S&S: (exaggerated look around our 140 square meter apartment) To go where exactly? 
Mum: For the rice and wheat of course (laughs)
S&S: Ohhh! For the riz and borghol!!! They’d fit perfectly in our matchbox of a kitchen….  

I’m not saying I don’t like them. I mean once upon a time my great grandma probably made these herself or something, and hid her money under the rice or wheat in them, old school. They’re actually really nice. It was just so unexpected!! I think I may take the one in the front to my room… give it some greenery or twigs. Me ‘n my gnome-like urn. Chillin’. 





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7 responses to “Inherited Urns

  1. Why don’t you rub one and see if anything happens? :p


  2. I just gave it a try…
    I got a visit from the specter of my great-grandma popped up!
    “20-some and unmarried?!! A pox on you! You are no granddaughter of mine! You bring shame to the family name!! Why, when I was your age….”
    Took her a good half hour to finish!!

    That’s the last time I follow your advice ATW!!!

  3. LOL…

    You “rubbed your grandmother the wrong way” I see.. 🙂

    Are you back in Canada?

    You remind me of Bab El Hara and how it was a taboo that a woman of 16-18 would still be unmarried and/or how shameful that would be. So listen, it’s not a piece of advice, but a suggestion.. ehem.. talk to your Masjid’s imam and let him know.. many a time your significant other had gone to the imam asking the same question.. you two may be around the corner from each other!

    Or walk on the beach and kick some sand.. may be you’ll stub your toe on an old genie’s lamp…?


  4. No I’m in Syria :/
    And LOOOOL!! no, no, NO I don’t want to get married! I’ve been hard at work avoiding it for 2 and a half years now. You think I’m going to jeopardize my chances at the single life by going to an Imam?? I have enough potentials as is! And enough angry, annoyed, and shamed relatives on my back to boot 😦 LOL. So thanks but no thanks 😀

    Now, the genie lamp I wouldn’t mind.. Some sort of Matrix chip with all my psych courses downloaded on to it would be great. You know: insert into brain. Brief pause for information to upload. You’re all set for your exams. Probably with the disclaimer: Beware. Effects wear off 6 hours after uploading. But hey, I can deal.

    till then though.. gots to study!

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