will prevail as long as there are people like Debbie Schlussel around. What this women is trying to prove with her incessantly racist and ignorant remarks is beyond me, but if she’s going for world peace she’s failed miserably. I’d say something along the lines of a Neo-Nazi movement reminiscent of the dark ages she proclaims to hate. Peace? Unity? Reform? Progress? Either on her terms or it’s hell to the freakin’ no. 

The two articles I read:

One in which she provides her own personal, biased and extremely stereotypical commentary on the pictures most are familiar with – the Mecca Stars spread for Marie Claire mag. 

And, more recently, one in which she shares emails that are unapologetically racist towards Obama, liberal Jews, Muslims, and well… anyone who was blind and stupid enough to fall for Obama’s lies.

One example I had to paste here, Adina from Israel:

Not only are people living in the US in danger, but Israel is now truly alone in its fight against the Islamists, and in particular the Iranian Hitler. We will need to strike pre-emptively,and soon.This is what I am hearing from my many contacts 

Talk about promoting peace and unity!! 

And you talk of hope? A brighter future? Yesterday America elected an African-American president with a Muslim father. Today, we see this. I remember when a great man had the courage to have a dream in a time of seeming hopelessness. We may have seen part of that dream fulfilled yesterday, but we still have a long ways to go people. And we sure as hell don’t need the likes of Schlussel and her avid readers holding us back. It was an election. He won. GET OVER IT.

– A hopeless and dejected S&S



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3 responses to “Hopelessness

  1. Debbie and her kind continue to grow in number. Its a shame that in today’s society people are garnered with respect when they revert back to our lesser educated ways.

  2. Boulos – It really is a shame! But in the end, regardless of Debbie and her kind, we have to do what we have to do. I mean, every woman who stands up and says, and proves, she wears the hijab out of her own free will is undermining Debbie’s claims, and therefore helping bring the truth out. So inshAllah, brother.

    Dimaaa – oh God is right!! Umm.. is this the Dima I know? Syrian Dima from Florida? LOL! If it is, I never knew you read my blog!! Thanks for coming out n commenting. ❤ you dimasour.
    If not, then sorry! Thanks for commenting anyway!

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