Our heros initiation

Our hero's 'initiation'

I’ve always hated scary movies. You know the chick that actually screeches, wrings her hands, even jumps up and walks around during the scary parts? That’s me. I never have nightmares or trouble falling asleep, but watching a scary movie is sort of like a really good roller coaster ride. Lol. I talk to, cajole, and even insult the people I know are going to get it bad (I mean seriously, why are scary movie people so freakin dumb!?). And I’ve seen so many movies I swear it’s like I wrote the script, I’m always blurting out what’s going to happen and ruining it for everyone around me.

Anyways, I let my brothers talk me into watching MIRЯORS starring Kiefer Sutherland with them, because apparently “It’s not fun watching a movie alone.” Okkkayyyy. So one fell asleep half way through (that’s how bad the dam thing was) and I was left to annoy my other brother by alternately grabbing him, yelling at the screen, and getting up to walk off some of the tension. 

Am I exaggerating?

Trust me. I wish I was!

The point of this post? It had an ass in your face moment!! Totally uncalled for, if you ask me. It was a shower scene (an apparent must in all horror movies) and the girl takes off her robe, then WA-BAM there it was. In. yow. face.

Seriously. Didn’t we have a talk about this a few days ago??



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2 responses to “MIRЯORS

  1. mamamona

    LOL In YOW face! hahaha! I would be so scared to watch that movie cause I’d fear the mirrors in my house after that!

  2. Lool. Awww! I know!! Sometimes I catch myself glancing back at the mirror.. like to catch it unaware if it’s up to anything. LOL.

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