Sweat of Mine Brow

I am a gym fein. Nothing gives me a new perspective and drive like being registered at a gym. So when I cut my membership before Ramadan, it sorta got to me. Then after Ramadan there was Eid (one week) and then Tartus (one week) and then I got sick (one week) and one week spread out in between. So today I finally said enough is enough and dragged my ass (I drove actually one of the perks of finally having my Syrian license) down to the gym where I registered. 


The stair-master murdered my thighs who, had they voices, would be screaming profanities at me. The chest-press effectively killed my chest and my arms are like lead from the free weights.

Bliss. Pure, sweet, unadulterated bliss.

The prices though are sky-high. Back in Canada, Spa Lady was what? 25 bucks a month every day? And you got six months off for paying up front and another 6 for using a visa or master card. 

Here I pay 2000 sp (50$) a month for 13 sessions. A month. As in every other day for freakin’ fifty bucks. 

But, meh. When it comes to the gym, money can buy me happiness. Or, more accurately, it can buy me an outlet for all the pent up stress…. which amounts to me being happy. And peace of mind for my friends and family.



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9 responses to “Sweat of Mine Brow

  1. AAhh man…I’ve been wanting to get fit forever…I just keep delaying it..
    I used to go to the gym 😦 I used to be fit…but not anymore…
    I need LOTS of motivation!! but inshaAllah I will get back at it very soon considering my sister just signed up again in a new gym!

  2. i hate gym’s! too much work :/

  3. hiddensouls – inshAllah you do!! Cause I know exactly what you mean by delaying it :/

    meow – loool. That they are. But there’s satisfaction in. And a great end result, if you get my gist 😉

  4. I’m not particularily fond of gyms because I feel kinda stuffy there, no matter how nice the place is. I mean, I’m more of the kind who’d rather make lots of walking (or jogging or whatever) outside. Maybe that is because I spend so much time indoors studying/working.

    My mom and my sister registered some months ago into this gym that is quite close to us. They were looking for a gym for ladies only and those are reeeeally hard to find in here, but they were lucky wal hamdu li Allah. And it’s almost perfect, really. The place is rather new, the equipment is neat, the people working there are nice and so on. In this day and time nothing is cheap, though. This “fun” costs 74€ per moth per one person if you sign up for a year, (otherwise one visit is 20€). And there’s a trick. After signing for the membership there is no way you can cancel it.

    Where was I?
    Oh yeah, I was just telling you about me not liking going to the gym.

    To make long story short: mom decided that she’s “too tired/busy/old/lazy/*insert any appropriate adjective here* to go to the gym”. Now, because there was no way to cancel the contract and thus no way of getting rid of the hideous monhtly bills we are receiving my dear mom decided to give ME her membership. And now I’m pretty much stuck, I suppose.

    God, I hope this ends well…

    [Sorry for the, like, most random comment ever 😀 Found your blog by accident, and am liking it quite a lot. Guess I’m gonna add you to my ever growing Blogs I Stalk -list. I hope you don’t mind :])

  5. Well, while I don’t exactly prefer outdoorsy workouts I do enjoy them! They break the monotony of gym workouts – which get pretty boring. But they’re not really an option in Syria (God, if I had a nickel for every time I have to say that….). I tried rollerblading once. The reactions? Yeah.. NOT going to be doing that again any time soon.

    That’s too bad! You never know though. 3assa an takrahu sha2on wa howa khairon lakum. *wipes sweat off brow from laborious arabic-english typing* the general meaning: don’t hate that which is good for you. =D. Good luck though. I know how hard it is doing something you’d rather not be doing!!

    m ps. I LOVE random comments. They let me know I’m not the only one out there that rambles on and on 🙂

  6. I have an elliptical trainer in our bedroom and I need motivation to use it. The machine just comfortably stands there, in one corner of the room, where my husband often hangs his jeans or shirts.

    I’ll take this post as an inspiration to start working out 🙂

  7. PS: You’ve been tagged!

  8. So…my sister went for this free session at a gym when they try to suck you into paying them for a whole year in advance, she signed me up for the same offer…and ever since then they have been calling me non-stop trying to get me to go for my free session…
    And every time they call and I pick up the phone I start hating myself for not remembering the number and knowing it was the gym calling…I should save their number as: Do Not Answer or something…

    Anyways, last time the lady called (the 4th or maybe even 5th time) she was really annoying and just wanted me to commit to a day for an hour to come in…no matter how many excuses I gave her…”yeah, but you see, I have midterms next week, and the week after I have a huge exam, etc….)…Nothing worked…and so..now I am stuck with an appointment the day before one of my exams…sigh..I probably won’t even go 😦

  9. Nadia – I recall a similar treadmill in my room. Ended up as a clothes hanger too. Now I’d give anything for it back!! So I hope you do start using it! Keep me updated!

    hiddensouls – Yuck annoying sales people! It should be a personal choice.. not forced down your throat!! You should definitely screen her calls. Or next time she calls just babble on in Arabic with the occasional ‘no EEng-lysh’ thrown in 😉

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