What I’ve Been Driven To

My horrendously boring, redundant, studying-9-hours-a-day life has effectively driven me into the arms of Mc-freakin-Dreamy and the Surgical Dream Squad (for those who are blessed with TV-ignorance, see picture).

It’s a sad, sad day in the life of S&S.

And then I find out that episode 18 of season 3 is titled *drum roll*: Scars and Souvenirs, which after further googling turns out to be a name of an album by Theory of a Deadman. A Canadian band.

Hmmm…. not exactly the picture I would have chosen to rep my blog, but coincidence much? And, dare I download?



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5 responses to “What I’ve Been Driven To

  1. I have a little addiction called “So You Think You Can Dance” I usually catch the end of Grey’s waiting for SYTYCD, it’s always a music montage and voice over. I keep meaning to watch an episode.

  2. OOhhh you watching it on MBC4? lol. Gotta love the mbc’s, providers of English entertainment. And SYTYCD rules, btw. That’s my dad’s news time though.. the Grey-SYTYCD time. So I bought it.

    Pathetically desperate much?

  3. We buy entire seasons of the shows we also like – then we can watch them all in sequence, without any repeats or missing any – except for borrowing a set of pirated Heroes which sometimes stopped working just at the most crucial times or left off the season climax . . . AAARRRGGGHHH!

  4. Yea, I love mbc4, the new channel mbc max has good movies.
    If I had shows on dvd I would probably end up watching them straight with no sleep and little else.I’m glad SYTYCD is 5x a week though.

    Inlxpatr…that would be SOOOOO frustrating!

  5. intlxpatr – are all the DVDs there pirated too? There’s no such thing as original here, but I get my seasons for 25 pounds a CD… umm, that’s around 50 cents. And each CD has four episodes on it. But like Mamamona said, then I pull three days of a show and enter this zombie-like state. Season 2 of Grey’s? 2 days. And I have exams.
    I’m not buying the 3rd till I’m done. Even if it kills me, lol.

    Mamamona – mbc3’s the best, actually. Tom & Jerry rock my socks 😀 next on my list of seasons to buy

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