Psychology, Syrian-Style


This got into my head a while back, while some lady was pouring her heart out. I’d have loved to smack her ignorant *ahem* but in the name of peace, progress, and Islam I’m drawing a cartoon instead.

I must have done something really, really, bad in the past. Cause I’m now stuck, learning psych in, well, Syria. May the powers that be give me patience.




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6 responses to “Psychology, Syrian-Style

  1. Haha, I love your cartoon, I want to know what they said!

  2. On another note…I tried taking psych twice…once in my second year and once this year (last year of undergrad)…both times I ended up dropping it after the first week!! I just can’t handle it at all…or the reading that comes with it lol

  3. Haha, absolutely loved your cartoon 🙂

  4. you’re quite good at the cartoons!

  5. Thanks everybody. It’s my first ever, so it’s like my baby, haha. Amateur baby that is.

    Mona – trust me, you don’t. It’ll help you sleep better at night 😉

    hiddensouls – it does need a lot of reading, but it’s soooooo interesting!!! I lLOVE it. Except when I meet people like above. Makes me feel so hopeless 😦 like where the hell do we start??

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