A Spoonful of Humor Makes the Medicine Go Down

I strongly suggest people hazard a gander at this.

I love seeing the light-hearted, Sufis-ticated (LOL @ Sayyid Mohammed in the comments) side of Islam. Takes away some the guilt all the.. umm… You Know Whos.. put on me for taking things with a pinch of humor. And laughing. AstagfurAllah. 

Scenario: I was at the Ummayyed Mosque when I walked into a pillar (yes, I tend to walk into things regularly) and I let out an embarrassed giggle/snort. If looks could kill, à la Medusa, I’d be a stone pillar myself, caught eternally in a look of half-guilt, half-defiance at the entrence of the Ummayyed Mosque.

Then all the You Know Whos could take their students/children and point and say, self-righteously with that resonating echo of dread and forewarning:

Beware the deadly lure of humor!! All right class, glares of gloom and doom in place? Annndd… MARCH!”

I know. I’m mean :)/:(/:?



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2 responses to “A Spoonful of Humor Makes the Medicine Go Down

  1. I finally took a peak at the link.. what a poem… loved it! I bet many would love to be such a thief.. full of chivalry and ‘honesty”.. yeah, that’s it! :p

    No wonder you walked into the pillar… were you looking for a thief? :p (in humor.. wallah)


  2. Lool!! Nope.. no such thieves at the Ummayyed Mosque. Only a bunch of rude, surly guards (aka the tsk-tsking glare-shooters).
    You heard of the bull in the china shop? I’d be the bull in the Ummayyed Mosque, trying to take off the long coat thing they give you while being relentlessly pushed by a mob of people. Hence, the walking into a pillar.

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