The urge has suddenly struck me to go purple. Buuut, since I’ve just recently escaped from my orange phase with nothing less than a full, bright orange wall, a various shades of orange shag rug, and an orange tunic from Promod I highly doubt I’ll ever wear, I think I’ll refrain from buying purple throw pillows or hijabs….

I have turned my MSN, desktop BG, and font color shades of purple, though. You know. To satisfy the beast within. And now this font is purple. Sigh, the beauty of technology.

On a more serious note (hence the black font), I’m feeling literarily starved. Notice the 3 month old Quran under “Currently Reading”? Well, as much as I’d like to say I have been reading It nonstop, I haven’t. Anybody have any good suggestions? I heard a lot about both Minaret and the Girl in the Tangerine Scarf?

And yes, I have heard about Twilight. And no, it isn’t available in Syria 😦



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3 responses to “Purple-mania!

  1. I’ve recently come out of a maroon/burgendy phase, and am revelling in orange/purple/anything neon. I figure the scarves I don’t wear will drift down to the bottom of my drawer and in a few years when I’m back in a maroon phase, all I’ll have to do is pull them out and I’m good to go 😀

    Both Minaret and Tangerine Scarf are good reads. I think part of it is the novelty – there’s so little in the way of muslim oriented fiction written by “insiders,” but both are also well written, and I think would be enjoyable even to those who don’t live in our muslim-centric world.

  2. souvenirsandscars

    Lol, then I’m completely normal going through these color phases? Everyone around me seems to have one fixed ‘favorite’ color, but mines generally reflect my current mood.
    And thanks for the book ideas. I’ll definitely pick one up 🙂

  3. Another good book that I’m currently (re) reading is “For God and Country” by James Yee. It’s by the muslim chaplin from gitmo who was arrested and thrown in jail after his tour there.

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