Signs of Growth

Today, my newly turned eight brother gelled his hair. Alone. Under his own free-will. 

While we’ve forced him into a series of gell induced hairstyles before, those had been mainly against his will and for our sadistic pleasure, with one brother holding him down and the other working furiously on his hair, fingers jabbing madly, hairbrush whipping back and forth to the delight of the rest of the family who stood by and applauded the results. Turkey. David Beckham. Spanky off the Little Rascals. Some punk icon. The Statue of Liberty. Yeah… 

And they usually ended with him sneaking off to the bathroom, unnoticed, to wash out the results and comb his hair into his signature style: an uneven, scraggly part down one side and the rest of his curls plastered to his head. Needless to say, he looked like a drowned rat. Try as we might, we could never get him to change it. Threats of rejection, looking like a girl, and even never leaving Syria result with him shrugging his thin shoulders and walking off, the white, uneven part of his head glowing with pride. (My brother, btw, hates his curls due to some syrians telling him they are very girlish. My elder brothers visit to Syria managed to change that when he told the younger one stories of perming his own hair for sizable fees. These stories were initially met with skepticism and remarks like “who would pay for curly hair?! I hate mines!” Oh, Syrian-mentality. How I hate thee.)

So today, it was huge when he sauntered on out the of washroom, at four foot nothing, with his hair slicked into a mohawk the reek of gell overpowering anyone within a five foot radius. He was greeted with three gaping faces, and off he streaked in hopes of preserving his laborious hair do. Pleas to wash out some of the gell, in hopes of avoiding streaks on the walls, couches, pillows and any surface four feet above the ground and below, were met with absolute resistance. I finally convinced him to let me “fix” the back and unobtrusively wiped off some of the excess gell. 

My kid bro is growin’ up so fast…



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3 responses to “Signs of Growth

  1. Aw, it’s so interesting when they start to take an interest in their appearance.

  2. souvenirsandscars

    Lol, it is, eh? Btw, AlhamdiAllah 3ala salamit your son!! I’ve been trying to leave a comment for ever now, but stupid… well, you know the story *rolls eyes*
    Kudus to you for being so calm! May Allah protect them, inshAllah.

  3. Aw thanks S&S, I wondered if you can read blogger blogs on like a google reader?

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