Unnoticed Keys, Lying in our Hands

As a rule, I generally don’t read anything Islamophobic in nature. It’s a topic I avoid not, as some would think, because I can’t ‘face the harsh facts’ but rather as a form of self-perseverance. There really is nothing to be done about such people, other than to pray for their immediate enlightenment as a measure to protect society from their ignorant views. Reading said views and opinions really does nothing more than cause cardiovascular problems, hand-banging, and headaches I could probably do with out.

And when I’m unfortunate enough to come across the likes of this, I usually let it lie. I prefer not to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they took some of my time and energy. But this? This was a little too much.

Brigitte Gabriel’s claims seem to be clear: fight Islamization. I’m going to let that lie for now. What really concerned me was the hidden message. Did you spot it?

“She said Islam is being taught across the U.S. as part of world history courses for seventh graders.”

Now, had she said that this was a good thing, that could possibly provide enlightenment, understanding, even cooperation I would have left this woman alone. But no. According to Gabriel the State of California might as well have committed a felony by promoting cultural awareness.

“Our students are being indoctrinated into Islam in our public schools and we don’t even have a clue! How can this be allowed to be taught in public schools in America? Most people do not know about it because it is flying under the radar!” she said.

Btw. Don’t you love the ‘our??’ Lol. Poor woman. I almost pity her. She’s completely forgotten that during the war on Lebanon, Christian and Muslim Lebanese were left behind in favor of real foreigners. Lady, if you weren’t playing right into their hands, they’d have had you on the first flight to Lebanon to rot alongside the rest of the Arab world. 

“The writing is on the wall. Who would have thought that Shariah would come to Harvard University with regulated women-only gym hours? That an imam in Des Moines, Iowa, gave an opening prayer at the 2007 Iowa Legislature’s opening session in which he called on Allah to give victory over those who disbelieve? Muslim taxi drivers in Minnesota who refuse to pick up passengers carrying alcohol? The first Islamic public school, the Kahlil Gibran Academy, that opened in 2007, funded by tax dollars! American colleges designating Islamic prayer rooms on campus for use by Muslims only!” Gabriel said.

*GASP* All that? Regulating a few hours for women only at a gym is a direct sign of islamization. Spa Lady and Curves, you say? More examples of Islamization!! And designating Islamic prayer rooms for students on campus? How dare they be so accommodating and tolerant of Muslims!! Off with their heads! Muslims and accommodators alike, I say!!

So here’s Gabriel’s idea then: Let’s not only continue the war on terror abroad, let’s also bring it into our own nation, and fight it in our own backyards. It may promote more terrorist and hate-crimes on both sides, you say? Promote understanding and unity instead?! Never! Because according to her friends, who I’d be embarrassed to call friends with their ignorant, stereotypical views btw: 

Do Americans know these same Muslims would turn their guns against their fellow Americans, military men and women in the same tents, and kill them in the name of Islam? What is America thinking?’

Because Islam teaches nothing of loyalty and honor as opposed to cowardice. 

Now can you see the value of keeping entire nations blinded by ignorance? 

A few last “words of wisdom” from Gabriel:

“We are not only fighting a military jihad, we are fighting a cultural jihad and we need to wake up. We are as much at war with the cultural jihad as we are with the military jihad,” Gabriel said.

“Islam is coming to America while we are asleep at the wheel and only focusing on al-Qaida attacking us militarily. The Muslims are taking us over culturally and remember, they don’t even have to fire one bullet,” she said.

But seriously. Enough with the sarcasm. Although it is quite an effective way at getting the frustration at such a hopeless, redundant situation out of your system, it really doesn’t solve anything. Because with people like this running amuck,spreading more hate, racism, and ignorance and aggravating an already precarious situation, it really can’t get much worse.

What is needed, is a culturally aware generation. The more our societies advance, the more contact there is going to be between us! And the only way to have healthy, understanding relationships between all the societies of the world is to promote cultural awareness. Even among Arabs. Hating on all ‘yahood,’ something I’ve seen quite a bit, just isn’t the answer. I mean, sixty years and counting and that tried-and-false method isn’t getting us anywhere. 

Please. I encourage everyone, non-Muslim and Muslim alike, to read, research, recheck, and resource everything they come across. At this time and age there really is no excuse for ignorance. And while you may be tempted to stereotype, as an outlet for your anger and frustration, don’t. It solves nothing. Hatred breeds nothing but hate.

Let’s break the cycle.



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6 responses to “Unnoticed Keys, Lying in our Hands

  1. This woman’s article and frankly just her, make me so angry…I could feel my blood boiling with each idiotic quote. The sad thing is that a lot of people will buy this crap.

  2. gpcii

    Regarding prayer rooms and teaching the muslim faith in public schools. I would have less of a problem with it if it were not for the fact that they don’t allow that for Christians.

    If what she says about those things are true, (And it seems to be, or at least you did not refute it), then it is totally wrong! In fact I would say that it is indoctrination. Why should your rights supersede my rights. If we are going to teach Johnny to practice ramadan or some such, then little Johnny should be taught the Bible as well.

    Also, if it’s true that there are Public Schools just for muslims at the tax payers expense, then so should there be for Christians. How dare the Gov’t fund a religious school for muslims, and not for other beliefs.

  3. Amie

    Yes, amen. Absolutely marvelous! I love the last paragraph, especially. It is not just our responsibility as Muslims (though the burden does rest mostly on our shoulders to show people who we really are) to educate about REAL Islam, but it’s in the hands of those who so blatantly ‘hate’ Islam. What is it they actually hate? They probably don’t even know.
    Islam has simply become a scape goat. Anytime we hear of a horrible happening, everyone automatically in unison shouts, “AL-QAEDA!” before the smoke has even cleared. And while I’m not defending Al-Qaeda’s actions by any means, it’s just become a simple target, an excuse for people to remain in the dark.
    People generally have two assumptions: They’re okay with Muslims as they believe they’re all harems, belly dancers, swords and camels – like in Aladdin – or they believe Muslims war mongering terrorists with no souls, hearts or brains.
    I know of three people (myself included) who didn’t necessarily like Islam, but studied with an open mind anyway. I was an “Aladdin” person, and the others were teetering on “terrorists.” After much study, all three of us converted.
    I’m not saying that will happen to everyone, what I’m saying is education is key, and I refuse to listen to anyone’s ridiculous blatherings on until they pick up a book, turn off Fox News and study for themselves.

  4. souvenirsandscars

    Mamamona – omG, same!! That’s probably why this post started off with a bunch of sarcastic comments meant to insult rather than some hard facts to prove her wrong.

    gpcii – There are a few points I’d like to address. If you read what I wrote directly above, you’ll know the reason I didn’t systematically falsify each and everyone of this woman’s claims is because, frankly, it got to me. As Amie said after me, I am sick to my gut of stereotypical reactions regarding Islam and Muslims. And this, in particular, really went over the top. Not only did she mass generalize all Muslims as Radical Islamists set out to Islamize every country they could get their paws on, she lied blatantly, twisting the facts and omitting important details to suit her ignorant ways. How you may ask?

    First I’d like to address the most obvious. Do you know who Khalil Gibran is? I’ll assume you don’t. Without even google-ing the school name, or having heard anything about such a school, I can falsify this based on the name. Khalil Gibran was, very much like Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese-American Christian Maronite poet. Why on earth would an ISLAMIC school be named after a Christian?
    Once googled, my point is proven. The Khalil Gibran International Academy is nothing more than an English-Arabic school located in Brooklyn, NY, with no Islamic leanings. It is the 67th dual language school in America, but the first Arabic one. It’s long since been closed, as it’s principal was forced to resign due to harassment and, well, ignorance.

    Second we have ‘indoctrinating’ the children into Islam. This is a glaringly obvious overstatement, meant to provoke people into saying: What?! Brainwashing our children under our noses?! In reality, what Gabriel is referring to is California’s curriculum, which includes a unit on Islam. Nothing more. The controversy mainly centers on the methods of teaching rather than Islam being taught (i.e. role playing, practicing fasting from TV or candy, for example, etc). The principle of the school under-fire has denied forcing the children to adopt a Muslim name, praise Allah, or read Quran – all that is alluded to, if not declared outright, by Gabriel. Furthermore, students’ parents are informed of the unit, much like Sex Ed, and they and their children have the option to opt on a different form of assignment rather than participate. (After all, don’t we learn about China, Japan, and Russia, among others, including their customs and religions?)

    Lastly, judging America’s current history with Muslim nations (be it Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, or potentially Iran – all of which contain Muslim majorities) what could possibly be wrong with educating the nations youth about these countries? Even if peace does come about, there can be no doubt that America will have to interact with these people, either through its support of Israel (located smack dab in the middle of the Middle East) or through increased relations as a result of a ‘smaller’ global community. So, you tell me, how can a little knowledge hurt? Wouldn’t it be better than receiving all means of education about the Middle East and Islam through the ‘mainstream’ media, such as FOX?

    Oh, and about the prayer areas. I’d like to remind you that the city provides chapels in all public places – at least in Canada. Hospitals, airports, City Hall, and Universities are a few examples of places containing a chapel that contained within it a section for Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. I’ve prayed in a few of them on numerous occasions and have witnessed others of different faiths joined there in separate yet mutual prayer.

    If you have any more comments or questions, please feel free. I hope I helped clarify!!

    Amie – Why, hello there! I completely agree with you. Although the burden to educate oneself and those in the near vicinity is on everyone’s shoulders, in this situation it lies particularly more heavily on ours, as Muslims. We are, after all, the ones under the spot light and should therefore defend the religion we were either born to or chose to accept. And by defend I am NOT referring to what the mainstream media has shown to be our ways of defense. Instead I’m referring to being a walking, talking example of the Quran, modeled after our Prophet, pbuh. By promoting a positive image of the real Islam we can help fight off the ignorance in people such as Brigitte Gabriel, Allah yihdiya.

    – I hope my comments helped. Any offense taken was not intended. If you have any more concerns, comments, or different opinions please let me know. I love debating so long as it’s respectful 😉

  5. gpcii

    Thank you for your reply. While I strongly disagree with your religion I want to make it clear that I feel no animosity toward the people who practice it. Just the same as I strongly disagree with Catholicism, Mormonism, Buddhists Jehovah Witnesses and many Charismatics.

    For what it is worth, while living in Chicago I made friends with many that came from Bosnia, all of which was Muslim. One of which was a very good friend of mine who was killed in a car accident. I went to the Mosque to attend his funeral.

    I am not saying this to earn “brownie points” with you just that it is a matter of facts. I want to be sure that my earlier post was not intended to be offensive or Arab bashing.

    Thank you again for your informative reply…

  6. souvenirsandscars

    You’re welcome gpcii!! You’re entitled to your opinion, and I to mine. And although I obviously don’t agree with you, nor you with me, I respect that you came out and said that in a very polite and respectful manner, rather than spewing off a lot of hate!

    And, no, I don’t think you’re trying to earn brownie points =P

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