Fun in da Sun

I’m off to the beach in four hours!! 
If I somehow have internet access in Tartus, something I highly doubt, I’ll definitely update from there. If not, then I’ll have to put up with five days of dreaded silence!! Being away from my computer is tantamount to having a limb amputated. It just don’t feel right….

InshAllah I’ll be back on the 12th though. Till then, I’ll miss my regular morning blog reads. My coffee just won’t taste the same. You know who you are 😉

On the upside, I’ll have the beautiful beach, the vast sea, and my camera to keep me company.
Those and the 25 other people we’re going with :/

More details when I get back!!





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7 responses to “Fun in da Sun

  1. Oh have fun, inshaAllah! I love love love the beach.

  2. Are you right there where the Hoot or Dey3a daiy3a were filmed? If so, check out the Cafe and give our salams to the gang! 🙂 I’m jealous.. I want to go there – the coastal part and “experience” all these villages and the honorable history of these places! By the way, I found pics of Tartoos online. So any sunset pics you capture should be original 😉



  3. misspecs

    I think being away from a computer is hell for every blogger! 🙂

    Remember to take LOTS of pictures! Have fun!

  4. Hope you have a great time away at the beach. =]

    I stumbled upon ur blog via specs, and I hope to visit it often iA.

  5. souvenirsandscars

    Mamamona – Thanks! It was amazing!! I wish it could have gone on longer 🙂

    ATW – Actually, the beach house we ended up getting was on a beach about 20km away from Tartus. So we didn’t really get into the city. But, we were very very close to Tripoli. At night we could see the lights shining. And the sunset pictures? Har har.

    Specs – As much as I’d like to say I have tons and tons of pics, I don’t :(. I managed to get some pics the first day we got there and they my camera went haywire, and I spent the next three days camera-less.
    ps. I KNOW!!! Not-blogging killed me. I did take a pen and paper though, but now I’m uncertain. To post or not to post… hmmm.

    The Ruler – Welcome!! And thanks 😉 I did have a great time actually.

  6. That’s it? I thought you’d come back with a major announcement.. Didn’t you state somewhere that you had a marriage proposal? 🙂


  7. souvenirsandscars

    LOL! Nothing gets by you, eh? I should have a post for the dreadful ordeal, but if I tell you stories about my suitors, I’ll have your hair standing on end!! Honestly, it’s been a rough ride.
    Thanks for asking though, ATW. Your comments always make me feel so warm and fuzzy =P

    LOL. Inshallah I’ll write it tomorrow. For now, I’m feeling the dreaded sniffles, and I’m going to call it an early night. ‘Nighty night!!

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