Way to the Quran

I came across this website, SunniPath, while I was looking for online Islamic courses for a friend. Check this out: They have an entire library of online Islamic books. How sweet is that? This one caught my eye: Way to the Quran. I’m still on the first paragraph, but mashAllah, it’s beautiful. 

What the Quran meant to them:

For those who heard it for the first time from the lips of the Prophet, blessings and peace be on him, the Qur’an was a living reality. They had absolutely no doubt that, through him, Allah was speaking to them. Their hearts and minds were therefore seized by it. Their eyes overflowed with tears and their bodies shivered. They found each word of it deeply relevant to their concerns and experiences, and integrated it fully into their lives. They were completely transformed by it both as individuals and as a corporate body – into a totally new, alive and life-giving entity. Those who grazed sheep, herded camels and traded petty merchandise became the leaders of mankind.

As opposed to what we see it as today:

Today we have the same Qur’an with us. Millions of copies of it are in circulation. Day and night, it is ceaselessly recited. In homes, in mosques, and from pulpits. Voluminous exegetical works exist expounding its meaning. Words pour out incessantly to explain its teachings and to exhort us to live by it. Yet eyes remain dry, hearts remain unmoved, minds remain untouched, lives remain unchanged. Ignominy and degradation appear to have become the lot of the followers of the Qur’an. Why? Because we no longer read the Qur’an as a living reality. It is a sacred book, but it tells us something of the past only, concerning Muslims and Kafirs, Jews and Christians, the faithful and the hypocrites, who ‘once upon a time used to be’.

AstagfurAllah. It makes me so sad to think of how hard they fought to have the freedom to believe, to spread the word, and to obtain knowledge as opposed to how available it is today and our lazy indifference.



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4 responses to “Way to the Quran

  1. Wow, subhanAllah. So true. Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. assalamu alaykum, i found your blog through mamamona… ma shaa Allah, it is just lovely 🙂 i look forward to more x by the way, that prayer about serenity, i love that too, in fact i recently wrote about it on my Tea Break… ahhh, the memories of serenity…. take care!

  4. souvenirsandscars

    Anytime, Mamamona! It’s nice to remind ourselves and each other every once in a while. Keeps the Iman flowing, eh? 😉

    Wa 3alykum al salaam, Ummtravis! SubhanAllah, I just HAVE TO share this with you. When I seen your comment on my dashboard, before I even finished reading it, I felt a sense of peace wash over me. Your opening words assalmu alaykum were literally a balm for my aching soul. SubhanAllah, I have no clue why. I mean, I’ve never heard from you before, or even seen your blog. But the second I read those words I imagined peace, for lack of a better word, and I felt calmed. MashAllah 3alyki!! To have such a presence that it transmits with such clarity even across cyber-space!
    Thank you for your wonderful comments. I’ll check out the post you’re referring to for sure!!
    And thanks for the inexplicable sense of peace you gave me, too. May Allah grant you the same, inshAllah.

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