To Pluck or Not to Pluck – cont’d

I’ve been really, really busy lately, so I have a million things to talk about. Get ready for a bunch of random posts, ordered as chronologically as I remember!

First off, I did my eyebrows again. I know. I’m pretty darn ashamed of myself too. I wanted to stop doing them so bad, but something felt off. I mean, I’ve stopped doing them before, and it was always so easy! This time around however, felt so wrong. It was like I was carrying around this huge weight that was constantly on my mind. It was bad to the extent that I even had dreams about doing them!!

So I had a sit-down with myself, to sort of figure out why. And I’m even more ashamed of the reason why than I am of the fact that I started doing them again. When I was completely and totally honest with myself, I saw that the reason I was doing them was not for Allah, for the prophet (pbuh), or even to better myself. My intention was complete off the mark. And I’m not, by any means, using this as an excuse. There is no excuse. I’m just having a moment of confrontation with myself. I’ve never, alhamdiAllah, had the problem of intentions. I’m not easily swayed by people or their opinions for that matter, so it’s always been clear to me: My God, my Prophet, my parents, my self. If they’re all good, then I’m all good. 

This is a first for me, so I’m still coming to terms with it. For now, I’ve done my brows. I know it might be better to leave them undone and try and change the intention behind it, but I’m not risking running some minor shrk. InshAllah, the next time I do (or in this case don’t do) them, it’ll be for the right reasons.



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3 responses to “To Pluck or Not to Pluck – cont’d

  1. So when you say you “did” them…what do you mean? There’s a difference between thinning and shaping your brows and just cleaning up the stray weirdo hairs and the unibrow area.

  2. souvenirsandscars

    Well, I just wanted to clean up the odd hairs but the lady doing them for me went a little over what I’d have liked. So, now I have to grow them out a bit more!!

    ACK! What a headache!!

  3. Yea those ladies always get tweezer happy!

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