Pick-up Lines, Syrian-style

If you’ve ever visited an arabic country you know what I’m talking about when I say Syrian pick-up lines. And you know how I feel when I say they get your blood boiling! The cat-calls, the whistles, the jeers, the leers.

Now, in order to avoid such confrontations I usually walk with my headphones blaring or, when that fails me, I put on my frown and do this little i-don’t-have-time-for-you, military-style walk. It usually gets the point across: Do Not Bother. 

And the guys have noticed. The same old pick-up lines just ain’t working no more. So they had their secret gathering and came up with this revolutionary new way to get a girl to look your way: make her laugh. Be innovative man! Enough with the same old: “Bsst Bssssst! Ya helwi??” or “Tal al amar!” You gotta modify, improvise, innovate!! We are, after all, in the 21st century. Times have changed. 

The other day though, I couldn’t help it: I burst out laughing. I mean seriously!! It was Ramadan. I guess he was just reminding himself: lower your gaze and all. 

As I walk by “Wa ma al-hayat al-dunia ila mata3w al-jorur. AstaghfurAllah, astaghfurAllah!!” (translates: And what is the life of this world, but goods and chattels of deception?** Forgive me God, forgive me!”)


*57: 20 The Holy Quran
**Many of the attractive vanities of this world are but nets set by the Evil One to decieve men. The only thing real and lasting is the Good Life in the Light of Allah. The Holy Quran. Translated by Abduallah Yusuf ‘Ali.



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8 responses to “Pick-up Lines, Syrian-style

  1. Janan

    lolololololol… I’m Syrian and I so know what you mean!

  2. Janan

    O come check out my blog.. http://essenceoftimeandearth.wordpress.com/ its about hijabi fashion but like i hope u dont mind if i add u to my blog role. I dont mind if u add me.

  3. HA! I can understand why you laughed.

  4. Marry that man. Marry the man with a creative approach, and who can make you laugh. That was delightful.

  5. souvenirsandscars

    Janan – Yeah, Syrians are pretty distinguished, eh? You feel like you’re walking the catwalk when you’re going out to buy milk. Yeesh

    Mamamona – I tried so hard not to! It was so unexpected though I just had to!

    intlxpatr – LOL! Funny you’d say that. I was off to a wedding and thinking of a marriage proposal when I read your comment! Coincidence? Hmm….
    But you’re right. A sense of humor is a definite must.

  6. misspecs

    LOL< oh that is funny!

  7. misspecs

    I remember once, i had a pretty similar experience. Ha ha. Trust guys to be innovative!

    P.S. Your tag has been filled out (even though pretty late!)


  8. souvenirsandscars

    Hey Specs! Thanks for filling out the tag, it was great reading your replies. As for you having a similar experience, I don’t doubt it!! Guys in this region seem to take pick-up lines to a whole new level 😉

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