Muslim Complacency Syndrome

The most beautiful thing happened last night! Old Damascus is full of these old Arabic houses turned sheesha bars/restaurants. My cousins and I were out at one such restaurant (called House of Jasmine) and I really, really needed to pray. Unfortunately, these old restaurants are located in Bab Touma or ‘Christian Damascus’ and the mosques in the area were all closed. The restaurant I was in said, sorry, there really was no where I could pray. So I went to a few of the stores and asked them if they had somewhere I could pray. They all refused, and told me to head to the Ummayed Mosque (a half hour away!) which I might or might not find open. 

What these people didn’t know was they were dealing with a veteran pray-where-ever-when-you-can’t-find-a-prayer-area. Off the ‘main road’ (called the Old Damascus trail I think) there was a small set of steps leading to a hidden turn. That turn was a small cull-de-sac (and by small I mean 2 by 2 meters) which was relatively empty (the house it lead to was under construction). And there I prayed. The ground was covered in dust, cement, and God knows what else and I had to beat my clothes senseless to get the dust off when I was done, but it was beautiful. I felt like I was in Canada again, fighting against all odds to practice and declare my religion. When you move to Syria you get something I diagnose as the ” Muslim Complacency Syndrome.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. You become so surrounded by Muslims, you sort of forget what it is you’re representing. I, too, had been lulled into complacency. I no longer had to fight to practice my deen, to put my best foot forward, or even to be a walking, talking Quran. But yesterday, by the time I finished praying, I was moved to tears. Allah.

As we were leaving I also found this [left]. Thats right, that’s yours truly modeling her newly purchased kuffieh! Wicked isn’t it? They had it in every color you could imagine, even that dark green color Mutuz, off Bab Al-hara, wears. But I thought this was a little more suitable, don’t you think? Now all I need is a sherwal, a shibryeh, a 3gal and I’m all set to go! Lol. Notice how I go for the masculine outfit…. 

And yes, I do watch Bab Al-Hara. After all, I am Syrian, aren’t I? Jp. If it weren’t for my homie Mutuz I’d never watch it. The guy’s just too pimp.



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5 responses to “Muslim Complacency Syndrome

  1. Wow, good way to describe it. That goes on a lot here, the MCS. Thanks for giving it a name.

  2. souvenirsandscars

    You’re welcome! I thought it was about time someone came out and said it: Deen here is different than deen there. And the reason is, as much as we try to avoid it, us 😦
    InshAllah, though, I plan to put an end to MCS. Gotta come up with some antidotes or treatments to set it right!

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  4. I completely understand what you mean, and that’s such a perfect name for it. If only we could be great examples of Muslims everywhere, both in Muslim and non Muslim countries.

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