Getting it Out in the Open

I was tagged by Mamamona as someone she wondered about (her comments really had me blushing!!) so I now have to come up with five people I wonder about. Well come up with is sort of a lie. I do wonder. A LOT. And I’m glad someone got it out in the open, lol. So I can now wonder out loud and get some answers!! 

First off, I wonder about Mamamona. I really, really wonder how life in Egypt is, and how different it is from life in Syria? I mean, for someone who lived in the West and took that step coming over, I wonder how the accommodation and adjustments are coming along? And I wonder if she sometimes takes a long look around and says: What in God’s good name am I doing here? (which i’ve found myself doing on more than one occasion)

Second, I wonder about Prairie Heart of Damascus. I wonder what she’s up to. After seeing her daily for about a month, I’ve sort of gotten used to hearing her voice.. and this void is getting to me. I also wonder if she remembers that I owe her some cash for her book (which is amazing, btw) and I wonder at where she got the motivation, dedication, and perseverance to actually write a book, mashAllah!!

I wonder about Unique Muslimah. I actually wonder about you quite a bit, Unique. You would be surprised. I wonder if she has any clue that she’s the reason I started blogging *gasp*!! I wonder if she’s doing okay, as her recent posts have become more reflective on self rather than society? 

I also find myself wondering about ATW. She always seems so informed on everything! I wonder if she knows that I am jealous (jealousy with a thousand mashAllah’s thrown in, of course!) of her limitless knowledge and opinions. I also wonder what she’s up to when she’s not posting? And I secretly wonder about her personal life, which we only see glimpses of on her blog? Hmmm… 

I wonder about Miss Specs. I wonder if she’s gotten any better from that mysterious illness she had earlier? And I wonder how she’s dealing with the raucous and extremely fragile state of Pakistan. And, after reading that Saudi Arabians aren’t allowed to go to Pakistan, I wonder what her reaction would be…?

Jana from the Hijab Style blog. I wonder if she’ll ever make a website for North America *hint hint* or make a magazine

Hmm.. well since I’m still new here, 3 months and counting, I still haven’t met that many bloggers to wonder about. But, for the above mentioned, consider yourselves tagged =D.



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4 responses to “Getting it Out in the Open

  1. Aw Shucks! And yes I do ask my self that very question.

  2. S&S… I’m very humbled by your statements – and honored to be mentioned in your post. Yet, some things are better kept private, oui? 🙂

    I may send you an email and tell you more.. just a bit more… maybe?


  3. souvenirsandscars

    Mamamona – I knew it!! I’m not the only one. May God give us strength!!

    ATW – hey, it was worth giving a try =P. And all I said was the truth, Mashallah 3alayki

  4. misspecs

    Oh, thanks for the tag! 🙂

    Yes, I’m very much on the road to recovery, MashaAllah. LOL> Will answer more on the blog, then!

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