7-some Weird Things About Me

So I got this idea from Mis Specs blog: write seven weird things about yourself. Now she wrote seven x ten things… I’m hoping for seven. But we’ll see where this goes!

  1. I was a premature baby. In fact, I have these tiny holes in my ears (the top part where the ear attaches to your head, close to the hairline) that haven’t closed up. 
  2. My feet are weird. One foot is a seven. The other a seven and a half or eight. It’s not very uncommon, but it pisses me off. Ruins shoe shopping, which I love.
  3. I drink water like a frikin camel. And I have the bladder of a three-year old. Hence, I spend a lot of time in the washroom. 
  4. My name means loyalty. In English though, it’s been linked with waldo, wall, and walrus quite often. (Why God? Why couldn’t I have been named Sarah, or some other pan-cultural name?!)
  5. I don’t like babies. I like very few, very select babies. But the general mass of pink, drooling babies? *shudder*
  6. I love Greek mythology and know most of the stories by heart, since it was all I read from age nine to twelve
  7. I have a freaky memory. For the oddest things. Especially numbers
  8. I can read the same book twenty times and still love it. 
  9. I read abnormally fast. I finished HP the fifth in three hours. No skipping.
  10. When I was a kid, I used to make up stories for everyone around me. Where they were going, who they were going to meet with, names, addresses, wives/husbands, kids, problems. All the dirty details. My own personal entertainment.
  11. When people think I’ve done something good or give me praise, I always have this lurking feeling that they we’re not on the same page. They obviously messed up somewhere. (psychologize that)
  12. I get goosebumps when men say Ameen in prayer. Everytime.
  13. I cry very, very easily. Commercials, movies, books, people in the streets. The waterworks are extremely sensitive.
  14. I have a thing for cars. Like drool, worship, love listening to engines thing. So I took a few mech courses. 
  15. I love pens, pencils, paper, notebooks. I love them so much that the paper has to be exactly the right kind (when the type I used throughout high school was discontinued, I was literally devastated. My grades suffered horrendously). Everything has to be perfect, to be used by only me. 
  16. I make lists. Of everything. If it’s not on a list, it don’t exist. (my God, I’m such a geek)
  17. I love cliches. 
  18. I smell my new books.  
  19. I also love the smell of old money. Not the gold digger type of old money. Like old bills 😉
  20. Textbooks are my fetish. I want a billion of them. 
  21. If I crave something I have to have it. Like right there and now. And then eat it for the next period of time, a week or two, till I can’t stand the sight of it and move on to my new craving. 
  22. Make up suffocates me. And mascara makes my head hurt 😦
  23. I can’t sleep on a bed that I know someone else has slept on. I have a thing for clean, fresh sheets.
  24. I wore contacts for seven years, but around four months ago I got LASEK eye surgery done. It was freaky. You can smell sulphur. 
  25. I drink black coffee. And tea with very little sugar. So it pisses me off when people assume I’m doing it as some weight-loss thing. I just don’t like sugar.
  26. I also don’t like rice. Or lamb. Arabs never understand those two concepts. Like *odd look* you don’t like rice? Don’t worry you won’t get fat! OMG! Shoot me now.
  27. Speaking of shooting, I love guns. I’ve fired one, twice. Very powerful feeling. Why am I getting this feeling that this’ll later be used to get me into Guantanamo or something?
  28. When I was a kid, I used to read so much my dad would stand guard outside the door so I wouldn’t turn on the lights and go to sleep. So I’d stand by the window and read by the streetlight which was like 20 meters away from my house. 
  29. I’d hide my book inside my textbook in class. 
  30. I am a very, very mouthy person. I’m trying very hard to shut up and listen more than I talk. But it’s not going very good.
  31. I’ll do anything on a dare. Including licking a frozen pole in the winter time. Very painful.
  32. I also bit a plant out of curiosity once. Unfortunately, of all the house plants we owned, I choose the poisonous one. My tongue was three times its size and my family enjoyed a month of blissful silence.
  33. I feel so sorry for worms. Especially after it rains. I used to pick them up and put them back in the grass on my home after it had rained. Just so I wouldn’t have to cry on my to school the next morning when they were all dried up. see #13
  34. My first crush was in grade two. He was in grade 4. 
  35. I hate.. no, make that despise long hair on guys. Long, greasy, tied-back-in-Euro-style, black hair. *shudder*
  36. I took the car for a spin once. Literally. I was a young fourteen year old without her parents permission and the car spun on dry ice went over a bank of snow and just barely missed careening down a hill to a highway below. The top bar of the fence I crashed through held it back. God. I think it was a year before I seen daylight again.
  37. I squeeze lemons over everything I eat.
  38. I hate ketchup. And mayonnaise. Hellooo mustard and BBQ sauce!!
  39. I sing a lot. Even though I’ve been told on numerous occasion, kindly by those who love me not so kindly by those who don’t, that I can’t sing to save my life and should do the world a favor and shut up. But I still sing. 
  40. I have this mental reaction when I speak Arabic. I’m pretty much fluent now, but if I get embarrassed, put on the spot, or passionate about something I end up stuttering like an idiot and then I get mad at myself and what little I could say in my former state goes out the window.
  41. You would be well advised to never ignore me. I will hurt you.
  42. I love rain. If it doesn’t rain in a while I get agitated and I know it’s because I need rain.
  43. I can never not finish a book. Even if I hate it I have to read it till the end.
  44. If it doesn’t look good on the plate, it won’t taste good going down.
  45. I hated those brown paper towels they had in public washroom and schools. Like refused to use them hated.
  46. I have very bad hand eye coordination. Basketball was a joke in school. The entire class would have to wait ten minutes for me to make a shot and the gym teacher would make them wait because she was convinced it was a matter of will. Turns out she was wrong. 
  47. I’m very impatient. 
  48. My mind is constantly providing a stream of sarcastic remarks about the people around me. 
  49. I laugh at the most inappropriate moments.
    Ex 1: 
    Presenter: In country X there are more land mines than there are children!
    Me: laughs loud and long. 
    Ex 2:
    Islamic lecturer: The punishment of people who do shrk with God is unimaginable. And those that worship cows?
    Me: *in head is an image of a tribe of people staring intensely at a cow while it does that lazy straw chewing thing. Cow: Mooooo. Tribe of people: Whohoo!!* laugh at loud.
  50. I only wear the really low cut ankle socks. Anything above my ankle makes me suffocate (I think I may be claustrophobic)
  51. I get carsick very easily. 
  52. Driving at night = sort of like the rain. It can make anything go away.
  53. I’m Syrian. It’s in my genes to be weird.
  54. I hate those replies you have to give to people. I think only Arabs’ll get this one. In the West it’s Please, Thank you, You’re Welcome. In Arabic they take it to a whole new level and they have different replies for different situations. I always screw them up. 
  55. I hate pronouncing new words
  56. I can’t hold a grudge. Trust me, I’ve tried
  57. I love Japanese food. So much more than Arabic food (again, only weird for Arabs)
  58. I recently quit sheesha 😦 
  59. I can’t wear jewelry. A watch and my customary small hoop earrings are all. I always feel odd with anything else on. Sort of shackled. Even though I love them and have the biggest collection of never before worn accessories. 
  60. I love to draw. But I never show anyone my drawings. They’re very personal. 
  61. I rarely get bit by misquotes in Syria. Ants on the other hand are out to get me.
  62. A bee once bit me on the tongue. It was in my coke and I drank it. Very painful.
  63. I have the nose of a dog. Very sensitive to smells.
  64. My favorite movies are always Pixar
  65. Every time I say “Know what I mean?” I either say or think peaches and cream
  66. My older brother and I have a way of talking that goes like this. “Not said that you did” or “Not good it was” only when using the word not. 
  67. I’m genetically blessed with this odd multiple choice logic. Even if I have no idea, I can figure it out using the answers that are given. 
  68. I’ve never failed a course in my life.
  69. When I was born the doctors told my mom that I’d have trouble speaking, and may not learn to speak till a late age (estimated age: 3). I was speaking full sentences at 10 months, potty trained and off the bottle at 9. 
  70. I have no sense of time. 
K. Whoa. I could go on but it’s 2am and I can’t believe I got up to seventy. Whoa. K, have to be up in an hour for sahoor so enjoy!!
I sort of missed the tag someone else part earlier, so here it is:
I tag: ATW (sorry! Apparently identifying just doesn’t cut it) MamamonaUnique Muslimah, Prairie Heart of Damascus, and Crazy Muslim!!
Have fun =D


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9 responses to “7-some Weird Things About Me

  1. lucienlachance

    I think we all have our…idiosyncracies. I particulary loved #35. Probably because if I was to write a list of things I love most, that would be on it. Haha.

    I have a weird thing about textbooks too; I LOVE them! And I’m very, very picky about which one I buy. I sort through all of them and find the one that is…different. Everyone always gets pissed at me because I stand there for ten minutes sorting through books, that to everyone else, seem exactly the same. But not to me. And if it’s used –shudders— hand over the sanitizing wipes (I’m a clean freak as well…). I also do something similar with stuffed animals.

    I think everyone is incredibly weird in one way or another (or in MANY ways…). We are just all so talented at hiding it so we don’t get caught 😉

  2. misspecs

    Except for 70, all the traits you described (not the experiences), we have in common! OMG! I’m waaay weirder than I thought! LOL.

    The only thing different between you and me is: no boasts… but i make the best use of time I’ve ever seen anyone make. I plan… and i multitask like crazy. For me, its a target to fit 30 hours worth work in the 24 available.

    Haha, i laughed long and loud at stuff like reading books by the street lamp, wearing ankle socks only, finishing every book you’re unlucky enough to lay your hands on and trying to hold a grudge but desperately failing. High five me here; i go through this all! *high five* 🙂

  3. souvenirsandscars

    lucienlachance – First off, welcome to my humble blog! Love your name, love the game 😉 Second – The textbook thing? NO WAY! I agonize over all my books like that, but most particularly my text or reference books. Those get extra special care and attention. And I may just shoot the person who dares dog-ear one of my pages. Too true, hiding our oddities from the public eye. Conformity kills. Third – long, greasy, black hair? Well, lets put it this way: you haven’t met the owners of said hair that I was unfortunate enough to meet.

    misspecs – Lol, looks like we’re all so ordinary in our weird ways. Which defeats the purpose of them being weird 😉 That’s sooo weird.. you smell your new books, too? LOL. But back to the point: no way about the street lamp thing?! Hahahahahaha that was one I definitely thought no one would relate to. *high five* for being true bookworms!!

  4. You’re so.. weird.. I’m blocking you! :p

    Just joking. You’re really funny.. but don’t share this with anyone. 😉


  5. souvenirsandscars

    Hey ATW!
    It’s all good 😉 I knew the risk I was running when I decided to write 70 weird things about myself =P. You thinking of picking up the trend?

  6. S&S..

    What trend? Isn’t it sufficient that I identified with so many…? Except the feet and the holes and maybe a couple more… 😉


  7. Ah, I love it! All of it.

  8. souvenirsandscars

    Hey!! Funny isn’t it? I sort of went on a roll there, little too much info but it was fun!! Also very enlightening :/

  9. lol. i also smell my new books. i love to flip the pages and have that fresh book air hit my face. aah. and reading by streetlamps? how romantic. really. it brings back a memory of place for me. maybe if i get a chance when my kids sleep i’ll try to do some reading in my front yard under the lamp post. . .

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