The Power of Words

Your words rip into me,
Jagged claws shred my existence.
Eternal bleeding I bleed internally 
A piece of my heart
has broken off. 
Go on, leave me,
tattered and forlorn. 
The only welcoming sight
the muddy sky that welcomes my soul.
Hope I know not, nor shall I fear.
The disillusion of elusive hope
fools me no more.  
I lay my head upon your breast,
pray to God to save my soul. 
My whispered prayers muffled,
by the pillow my nails dig into. 
I dare not to dream. 
For that piece of me that broke off
has just fallen into place.
Another word from you,
and I’ll be right where I was,
desolate and grey.
Go on, leave me.
Leave the pieces behind.



Filed under Personal, Poetry, Reflections

3 responses to “The Power of Words

  1. Beautiful.. you MUST be a poet.


  2. souvenirsandscars

    Thank you ATW! Your comments are doing wonders for my self-esteem…. which has always been pretty low regarding my poetry :/

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