Fajir Prayer


A faithful green blaze
holds the darkness at bay.
Do you hear?
The long awaited call rings clear.
Repeat after me, ancient words of revere.
Mouth to mouth,
a timeless recount.

It stands tall, majestic.
Dwarfing all around it,
in authority if not size.
Its minaret pierces the skies:
a white obelisk glowing green.
The calls herald the coming day
guide the sun on its pathway
force the shadows to depart
in the skies and in our hearts.

They flock towards the beacon,
men, women and children.
Pulled by an unquestionable love
as old as the heavens above.
Eyes blurred with morning tears
yet faithfully clear.
Hearts heed the call “God is great!”
soaring in pride, in acceptance, in faith.

Footsteps tread the concrete
beaten by countless feet.
The air shudders with adulation
the trees, the stars, the moon:
their praises soar in elation.
The earth accepts the deference;
heads touch the floor in reverence.
Their doubts are still,
their purpose fulfilled.
They leave as dawn breaks,
the lightened sky and their hearts:
finally awake.



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5 responses to “Fajir Prayer

  1. If this is your own, it is absolutely beautiful and touching. If someone else wrote this, please tell us.. I want to read more of such writings.


  2. souvenirsandscars

    Thank you ATW!! You wouldn’t believe how much that means to me! I’m really, really glad you liked it because, yes, I am the author *blush*!!

  3. Maria

    Simply beautiful, subhanAllah. You captured the elements in your poem so well! May Allah preserve & increase your talents! Keep it up. =)

  4. souvenirsandscars

    Thank you Maria! As always, your comments and duas make me blush!! I’m really glad you liked it!

    – still waiting on yours 😉

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