Ramadan Resolutions

A while back, I said I’d post up my Ramadan Resolutions. I’ve been really, really picky in choosing them because I want this Ramadan to be different. Ergo numero uno is:

  1. Expose myself. I’m going to cut out all the extra, time-consuming things I regularly do (excluding this blog) and really immerse myself in this month.
  2. Keep up my Jihad of the Nafis. I have a little plan devised, so hopefully it goes good!!
  3. Pray all the prayers immediately following the adhan. 
  4. A complete khitmah of the Quran. Twice. 
  5. Full 20 Taraweeh prayers. Daily. At the mosque. 
  6. I’m going to work on my khoshw3. I think that’s how you spell it. I think it translates to humbleness. Anyway khoshw3 in prayer is a biggie this Ramadan, and inshallah I’ll be able to maintain the proper level of khoshw3 throughout my prayers and my dua. 
  7. My daily dua!! Before I break my fast I will say that special prayer. Ameen. 
  8. I’m going to take one hadith and implement it throughout my every waking moment. I have a few hadiths in mind, so I’m going to choose one and let you know later!!
  9. Maximize every opportunity as one for worship. I’ve heard countless stories of people who before they do anything turn it around so that it’s a form of worship. ex. eating, sleeping, relaxing. 
  10. Look back and say that yes, this was a Ramadan to remember!!
So wish me luck with my Ramadan Resolutions!! InshAllah they go great, ya Rab! 
PS: the eyebrows are doing fine. They’re taking the lack of restraint rather well and are flourishing. But resolute I shall remain. 
So, Ramadan Kareem!!! 


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2 responses to “Ramadan Resolutions

  1. What happened to Ramadan 1, 2 & 3 post? I read it with interest but did not find it here.

    Ramadan Kareem


  2. souvenirsandscars

    lol, caught that did you? After I wrote it, I didn’t sit right with me. Will update later though.
    Ramadan Kareem to you too!

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