One Giant Leap For Humanity


So, as you’ve all probably heard by now, as most news networks have picked up on the coverage, they are in! Words literally fail me. I mean the implications go far beyond a forty-three human rights activists aboard two small fishing ships. These men and women have literally put the oomph back in “one small step for mankind, one giant leap for humanity.” What they’ve done for the Palestinian people is amazing, don’t get me wrong. They have managed, a group of average Joes and Janes, to single-handedly break one country’s blockade on another.

But the far-reaching consequences are so much greater than the supply of hearing-aids these activists gave the children. These men and women have forever proven the power of the people. They’ve bought back hope, optimism, and belief. From these people we can learn valuable lessons. Yes, one person can make a difference. Imagine people! What a better off world we would have if everyone had the courage, the determination, and the perseverance to make such a decision and follow it through till the end. 

I have been revived. 

On the darker side, it has been speculated that had it not been for the international media coverage, our heros would never have made it to the banks of Gaza. Or if they had, they would have promptly been escorted to the nearest jail cell for “interrogation.” So there’s the up side to a smaller global community. We’ve got our eyes on you. Behave!

Crappy world. Makes everything so dull and grey again. Sort of makes you wonder if we’ve truly evolved at all. Or is it just the glare from the thin veneer of modernity that blinds us to what’s really going on inside our dark, desensitized hearts?


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