In which I start my first day on the job

Write-io! Lol. Sorry, just the after-effects of teaching a British based course. 

Which means, yes, yours truly did start work. Earning my proverbial “bread and butter” by the sweat of mine brow, I am! I wonder if having an AC in my classroom cancels the sweat of mine brown part? Sorry. There I go on a tangent again!! For those of you wondering, it was great!! I have a grand total of FOUR students. Four potential minds for the shaping – loool. Sorry, just making fun at the fact that their all 24ish and above. The ones I met today, the two that bothered to show up that is, were great! Aged 27 and roughly 24, aren’t your average mind in the making; they’re pretty set at this age. But it’s great!! I’ve forgotten how much I love teaching. Which is odd. I always thought I’d hate it. But hey, why fight the flow right? 

As you can see, I’m rambling. I’m in an extremely optimistic mood. We’ll see how long that lasts! And I completely embarrassed myself by pausing while spelling engineer. Crap. I SUCK at spelling (damn you microsoft office spellcheck!!!). 

Omg! You should have seen me explaining chick-flick. And one of the students, really studious and anal but in an okay way, pulls out his dictionary. I let him go at it, and he’s like a baby chicken fast movement? Cracked me up hahahahaha. 

Lovin’ It. AlhamdiAllah!!


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