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Ramadan Resolutions

A while back, I said I’d post up my Ramadan Resolutions. I’ve been really, really picky in choosing them because I want this Ramadan to be different. Ergo numero uno is:

  1. Expose myself. I’m going to cut out all the extra, time-consuming things I regularly do (excluding this blog) and really immerse myself in this month.
  2. Keep up my Jihad of the Nafis. I have a little plan devised, so hopefully it goes good!!
  3. Pray all the prayers immediately following the adhan. 
  4. A complete khitmah of the Quran. Twice. 
  5. Full 20 Taraweeh prayers. Daily. At the mosque. 
  6. I’m going to work on my khoshw3. I think that’s how you spell it. I think it translates to humbleness. Anyway khoshw3 in prayer is a biggie this Ramadan, and inshallah I’ll be able to maintain the proper level of khoshw3 throughout my prayers and my dua. 
  7. My daily dua!! Before I break my fast I will say that special prayer. Ameen. 
  8. I’m going to take one hadith and implement it throughout my every waking moment. I have a few hadiths in mind, so I’m going to choose one and let you know later!!
  9. Maximize every opportunity as one for worship. I’ve heard countless stories of people who before they do anything turn it around so that it’s a form of worship. ex. eating, sleeping, relaxing. 
  10. Look back and say that yes, this was a Ramadan to remember!!
So wish me luck with my Ramadan Resolutions!! InshAllah they go great, ya Rab! 
PS: the eyebrows are doing fine. They’re taking the lack of restraint rather well and are flourishing. But resolute I shall remain. 
So, Ramadan Kareem!!! 


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All The Small Things

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One Giant Leap For Humanity


So, as you’ve all probably heard by now, as most news networks have picked up on the coverage, they are in! Words literally fail me. I mean the implications go far beyond a forty-three human rights activists aboard two small fishing ships. These men and women have literally put the oomph back in “one small step for mankind, one giant leap for humanity.” What they’ve done for the Palestinian people is amazing, don’t get me wrong. They have managed, a group of average Joes and Janes, to single-handedly break one country’s blockade on another.

But the far-reaching consequences are so much greater than the supply of hearing-aids these activists gave the children. These men and women have forever proven the power of the people. They’ve bought back hope, optimism, and belief. From these people we can learn valuable lessons. Yes, one person can make a difference. Imagine people! What a better off world we would have if everyone had the courage, the determination, and the perseverance to make such a decision and follow it through till the end. 

I have been revived. 

On the darker side, it has been speculated that had it not been for the international media coverage, our heros would never have made it to the banks of Gaza. Or if they had, they would have promptly been escorted to the nearest jail cell for “interrogation.” So there’s the up side to a smaller global community. We’ve got our eyes on you. Behave!

Crappy world. Makes everything so dull and grey again. Sort of makes you wonder if we’ve truly evolved at all. Or is it just the glare from the thin veneer of modernity that blinds us to what’s really going on inside our dark, desensitized hearts?

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Quick update before I go off to my driving lesson:

  1. It’s my birthday!!! yay me!
  2. The two boats (see here) got permission to land and they did! Awesome much? I haven’t been able to follow along as I was at work late last night and slept like a log this night.. will when I get back
  3. Tomorrow is my driving test…. IN ARABIC :/

KK.. will elaborate on all when I get back from my driving lesson!

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‘Cause You’re Not Paid To Think

Other than the fact that Jon Lajoie sounds like an odd mix between Ashton Kutcher and Will Ferrell, I really liked it! Actually made me lol quite a bit.

The mainstream media. ‘Cause you’re not paid to think. We’re paid to do it for you.
Bought to you by: People who have much more power than you do. Making the world a better place – for us! 


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Free Gaza & SS Liberty

The SS Liberty

I was once asked who it was I envied. I finally have the answer: the sailors aboard the two fishing boats turned icons for freedom and liberty. These two boats, named Free Gaza and Liberty, will hopefully land on the shores of the Gaza Strip Saturday, daytime. Their purpose? They propose to end the now year-long blockade on Gaza Israel has implemented by entering with supplies they have bought the people of Gaza, including hearing aids for the children who have lost their hearing due to Israeli bombing. 

Whether or not they are given permission to land is a completely different story. Israel has issued statements that while it respects the intentions of the sailors, it perceives this as support for a terrorist group and is prepared to use force to stop them from reaching the Gaza harbor. 

What strikes me as odd though is that I initially seen the footage on the arabic Al-Jazeera, but when I got home and googled it for news results none of the major stations had any news!! Not CNN, not Fox, not BBC. Nothing, zip, nada. I finally got a break with a Chinese newspaper which gave me the downlow.  Further googling with the names of the people involved got me a website and (yay!) a Flickr with photo updates of the two ships!! And please, please read the following article by Yvonne Ridley, one of the activists aboard the boats. A small excerpt from her article: 

“When the Holocaust was happening a lot of people around the world knew that atrocity against the Jewish people was taking place and yet they did nothing to stop the genocide. I was not around then, but even today there are those who still feel guilty because they sat back and did nothing. 
“Well I am damned if I am going to sit back and do nothing as the slow genocide of Palestinians takes place in the world’s largest open air concentration camp known as Gaza. 
“I do not wield the power or influence of Tony Blair or any of the Quartet leaders. I do not have the power to order the Israeli soldiers to carry out the jack-boot policies of the Zionist State they serve without question. 
“But I do have a voice and with every breath I will shout out loud about the injustices against the Palestinians and in particular the people of Gaza. One day we will all be held to account over the biggest crime against humanity of the 21st century. 
“My only defence will be “I did what I could’.

So who is that I am so in complete awe of? Whose shoes would I absolutely die to be in right now? These people with purpose, determination, and most importantly: action

May God bless them. Ameen

– give me liberty or give me death


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To Pluck Or Not To Pluck

I’ve always been locked in a never-ending tug-of-war with myself over the issue of eyebrow plucking. As a young teenager, aged 12, I had no idea it was wrong. Peer pressure being what it was, and my dark hair and mini uni-brow being what they were, the idea of not plucking wouldn’t have occurred to me. So away I plucked till the age of sixteen. The time came when I was sitting in the basement of the mosque, eyebrows done to perfection, my eyes exquisitely rimmed in kohl and 3 coats of mascara, looking like a dime, when the woman giving us our weekly lecture said: If the Prophet were to walk in right now, what do you imagine his reaction would be? Would you be able to look him in the face?

Now I’ve been forever blessed with a deep, unquestionable love for the Prophet. So I froze up. In my minds eye I could clearly see the disappointment in his eyes, the sorrow he would feel over the fate of the young muslim Ummah. By that time, I knew that eyebrow plucking was a big no-no and so my ways (and eyebrows) changed for the better. 

Then I moved to Syria for six months. It took about 2 weeks of ‘you don’t have to look like that,’ ‘what happened’s’ and plucked brows raised in perplexity for me to cave in and pick up the plucker. All thoughts of the Prophet and his reaction where put away were they could bother me no more in favor of looking good. My nafis won this battle.

I moved back to Canada. This is when I ran into the fact that the Angel of Death visits us seven times a day. I was shocked to my core. I had always thought, naive little me, that I could become religious in the future. Seven times. A day. She who plucks eyebrows, or she whose eyebrows are plucked is dammed (no loophole of getting people to pluck for you). Dammed. Need I be anymore clear? I won this little battle and out my eyebrows grew.  

Today I’m back in Syria and, yes, you guessed it: my eyebrows are done. But now I’m out of excuses. I know I’m as likely to die now as I am at the age of 80. I know that by doing this I am dammed. Yet my nafis stubbornly insists I pluck, and so my will and my deen bow to it. But no longer. Ramadan is coming, and as one of my Ramadan Resolution!! (see next post for details) I will not pluck. My nafis will win no longer. Today is day one. So far, so good.


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