The Dark Knight



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I went in to the Dark Knight honestly expecting to be disappointed after all the hype, the amazing reviews, and reading that it had beat the GodFather(!!!) on IMDb. I came out totally blown away.

The entire movie is great: the cast, the screenplay, the directing, and the overall theme of gloom, despair, and corruption really set the theme well. The length was great, for a long movie. It truly gave the myriad themes their due, rather than glossing over them in favor of money-making, high-graphic, action scenes (which were, thankfully, still there). And the foreshadowing! “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” HAH!! Who DIDN’T see that one coming?? But it was still great. It reminded me of V for Vendetta, my now second best comic movie, only taking up a notch or ten.

The actors were awesome, giving their respective roles their right in true, believable acting. Michael Caine as Alfred is perfection. Christian Bale portrays a truly tortured caped crusader. Morgan Freeman is as reliably in character as always. Aaron Eckhart is wow! making the transformation from The White Knight to Two Face fluidly. All the acting was solid throughout, and you come out of the movie thinking something along the lines of “there’s hope?!”

But by far, Heath Ledger’s the Joker made the movie. What a performance!! I could feel my skin crawling every time he licked his lips or talked in that downright creepy voice. He completely dominates every scene he’s in. Amazing. Truly amazing. It’s too damn bad he won’t be there for the sequel to this masterpiece. No one else could quite pull of such an amazing character so fully. So creepy and psychotic. *shudder*

Overall? Best comic rendition EVER. Take that Spiderman!!

cont’d: I just rewatched 2 and a half hours of pure genius. Honest to God, even in broad daylight, Ledger’s performance is, in every sense of the word, epic. The bar for diabolically, psychotic villains has been raised insurmountably. If only Hollywood could put a tenth of this pure genius into it’s other movies. Then we wouldn’t be constantly bombarded with pure crap like Harry Potter or Spiderman. Not that I don’t love the books/comics, but the movies fail to do them justice. I look forward to a remake of the likes of The Dark Knight.


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  1. salemsaeed

    Ironically, I was watching the 1989 Batman movie with the Jack Nicolson the Joker, after a day I went to watch the Dark Night. I can’t even compare the two, not movie-making wise, rather than the level of drama and performance they reached in the Dark Night. I mean to beat the Godfather on IMDb is mind-blowing. I think a factor to the greatness they reached was shooting some fast action scenes using the IMAX video cameras that are very heavy and hard to mobilize on a moving car. But they did it, the shot the motorcycle scenes using this great camera.
    Over all it was one of the greatest action movies in the history. Thanks for the great read

    drop me a comment 🙂

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