tell me lies

I’m sure you’ve all recently heard/read/seen that Samir Al-Kuntar, four Lebanese militants, and 200 corpses, among which was that of Dalal Al-Maghrbi, were recently exchanged at Lebanese-Israel borders, or you’ve been living under a cardboard box hermit-style and care nothing of international news. Either or. 

Anyway, I was watching the exchange as it happened on the 16th, flipping between CNN and Al-Jazeera and was, obviously, not too shocked by the compeletly different coverage on either side of the border. And it didn’t really shock me that CNN had already labeled Kuntar a terrorist and a child-murder. On the other hand, yesterday Kuntar was shown in a live interview on Al-Jazeera stating that the child had died in Israel crossfire, and that the Israeli press had issued a statement after the incident admitting that the girl had died during the crossfire, before it was covered up by the fabricated versions, according to Kuntar. And considering that we’ve seen this sort of reckless disregard for their own citizens in times of ‘terrorist threat,’ it doesn’t seem to far-fetched. I am, of course, referring to the bus that was blown up during Dalal Al Maghribi’s operation, killing not only her and her crew but also all the Israeli hostages on board. 

This would be where Bernie Mac turns to the camera and says “What do YOU think America?”

But I think it’s painfully clear what America thinks. And what all of us, who are subject to biased, slanted, propaganda-based broadcast networks think. 

We think the lies we are given. Because, in all honesty, the truth has become so distorted and twisted a concept, I doubt the people who originally knew the truth know they know it. 

I think Bernie would agree with me when I say, the question should be “So what will YOU do America?”


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